Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little bit inconsistent.

Must get better at this blogging business. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to set aside a few moments to blather on about your day, but I log on and stare at the page for a while before up. So. It's going to be boring, but I have a resolution to write at least a paragraph every night.

Here's today: Saturday is my last day at Big Box. I am going back to The Little Company That Could. It was a promotion, a raise, and a relief. The work/life balance is something that larger companies just do not understand, and this tiny place really gets that. Definitely some bittersweetness to this, I will really miss my team. I love a lot of the people there. Getting up at four is killing me, and I miss having a life. I've barely been into the city in the past eight months and the thought of going into the spring, spending all my time indoors but what it takes me to walk back and forth from the metro stations...I couldn't stand it. I barely see Leila; I don't have time to travel. I'm tired and the job is stressful. Monday lands me back in granola-land, of soy fabrics and yoga classes, and golf pros who work part time there "because [they] like it so much."

In the vein of returning to the healthy store I am trying to return to the healthy life. I haven't run all winter due to the cold and also--four in the morning?! I'd like to see you get up earlier than that to run! So starting Tuesday I'll run every other day, and Amanda claims she'll run also. We will see about that, of course.

Meh. Feel like I can't hit the right tone here. In summation: will write a paragraph or more every night, will run starting Tuesday. Will not stress over these last two days at Big Box. Will be proud of myself for getting the job at The Little Company that Could.

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