Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm in love...

...with Bath and Body's C. O. Bigelow Mentha Shine lip gloss...oh my tastes so good, the colors are so wearable, and it makes my lips so soft! I bought some other stuff but they pale in comparison...
Tomorrow is brunch with France and a trip to Ulta. I shall report back with the details.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Makeup-y Goodness.

Lest you think I have lost sight of the origins of this blog, I shall now rave about eyeliner:
Exaggerate Rimmel Full Colour Eye Definer is the awesomest eyeliner in the whole wide world. I have Estee Lauder eyeliner. I have those stupid Styli-style eyeliners all the magazines talk about. I have other types of Rimmel eyeliners and an Ulta eyeliner, etc, etc, but this is the FIRST eyeliner I have been able to apply correctly! It goes on very smoothly, and WOW, I never realized what a difference eyeliner makes in looking "done." I have it in sable and plan to purchase it in black and possibly a shade of purple. It really makes my eyes stand out and it lasts all day. (At least, on my top lid, which is the only place I use it.)
Thank. God.
Also I have recently rediscovered my curling iron--as my hair is finally long enough to use it--and I don't care what anyone says about straightening irons--I'll take my wide-barrelled curling iron for straightness and body any day. I am feeling good about myself the past few days...I just need to get on the ball about this gym thing!

Monday, December 26, 2005

To brighten your day!

In the jammies my mom gave, which were way too small, but I threw them on anyway, because they were so cute!
Image hosted by
IN the jammies I bought her today, printed with frogs and duckies, and fresh from the bath:
Image hosted by
And with her baby doll:
Image hosted by

The Loot.

Leila's Christmas Haul:
From Mommy:
pretend cell phone
pretend camera
dress up shoes
Hello Kitty Purse
plush carrycase with a tiny plush kitten/accessories
special outfit from Gymboree
Strawberry Shortcake tin lunchbox
princess crown

From Nanna:
2 cabbage patch dolls
interactive book
2 sets of jammies
2 sweatshirts
more candy than our family can consume
adorable stocking filled with even more candy
pillow and blanket set
assorted Christmas-themed noisemakers filled with--you guessed it--more candy

The Irony:
A fifteen minute discussion between me and my husband on not spoiling her too much, then arriving home to two huge boxes of presents from my mom. Then me going out today and picking up more things for her...because it's on sale and she needs clothes, that's why!

Attack of the Mommy

My kid is a freakin' prodigy, ya'all.
My mom sent two cabbage patch dolls for Christmas. Leila was so excited about the "baby" one and she has been on-and-off lavishing it with attention.
Now, I have to confess that from time to time I freak out and think that her vocabulary isn't big enough and we should enroll her in speech therapy posthaste because she's smart enough and by God, she should be stringing together fairy tales at this point!
That is the Crazy in me. I try to ignore it.
But watching her with this doll really brings it home to me exactly how smart she is. At eighteen months old, she covers the baby with a blanket, offers it her bottle, tells it "Night night" and pats its back.
Then, before I get too overcome with the Cute, she throws it off of the bed for a better position on her pillow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Martian Death Flu.

It's very, very sad when you've been sick all day, playing on the internet, then you finally head to bed, but suddenly realize--"I haven't checked Myspace today!" And like a 13 year old you run back to the computer.
Very sad.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go blow my chapped nose for the eight hundredth time and curse my doctor's office for not calling me back.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just Pretend you never read this.

There are things I don't really talk about on here. I ache to be able to express myself like some of my favorite bloggers, but I can't get over the fact that people I know (both well and tangentially) read this blog. I'd rather that some stock guy at Williams-Sonoma not look across the mall and think, "Hey, there's that blob of insecurity who tries to be amusing and talks about shopping WAY too much."
On the other hand, I'm an attention whore and wish I was a famous blogger who got free things and encouraging emails from other famous bloggers.
I struggle with a lot. Lately things seem to be piling up on me until I feel I can't breathe. I am needy. I am inadequate. I am a failure as a mother, a wife, a daughter. Also as a friend. I don't return phone calls. I play on the internet when I should be playing with my daughter. I don't give my husband enough sex and I'm not trying hard enough to "get better" from the various ailments that seem to have taken over my life.
I don't even freaking know how to drive and I can't save money no matter how important it is.
I need to go back to school and I miss my reputation as a "smart girl." I hurt people's feelings without even realizing it, without picking up on important clues that should have shown me. In retrospect I don't even remember what I said or did but obviously it hurt someone's feelings enough to feel like I needed an ego check, and I got one. Now I can't get it out of my head even though I am sure that it was only half my own crappiness and half her sensitivity...but since I've always considered myself a fairly sensitive person--it hurts to realize I'm obviously not.
I need to try harder. Other people make do with less money and less time, but I can't be bothered to go to the dentist or vacuum my carpet. I'm ashamed of myself most of the time, and I don't want to feel this way anymore.
I don't make New Year's Resolutions because I think they're dumb, but I have goals.
1) Keep house clean.
2) Be a better, more understanding wife/mother/friend/coworker.
3) Take care of self--go to gym, eat right, go to doctor and dentist regularly instead of when things are too bad to wait any longer.
4) Take care of family. Make dinner, tend to needs.
5) Learn to drive.
6) Be responsible with money. Save more, spend less.
7) Make a plan, set goals re: college and/or advancement at work.
8) Get a life, spend less time putzing around on internet.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do the dishes now.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Temper Tantrum Fairy

Here at Casa Joy, the holidays are a bit...fraught. With, uh, tension and stuff. My husband is Muslim and therefore Christmas seems like Satan's playground, and I'm Christian and was raised a firm believer in...a lot of things that he finds appalling.
After two years of abject misery, I put my foot down. THIS YEAR, I commanded, there would be presents, and a special meal, and much merriment, AND YOU WILL ENJOY IT.
Eleventy hundred jillion tearful scenes later, we had our plan: we'd open presents Christmas Eve. We would refer to said holiday as "Festivus" (or in my case, the Holiday That Shall Not Be Named) On Christmas Day Proper, I would make my famous veggie lasagna and we would chill all day, eating Pepperidge Farms cheese and generally living the high life.
If you have known me for any length of time and I have ever bought you a present, you totally know what happened next.
We opened our presents (such as we had bought so far) tonight. Because we are pitiful. And also, I have no self control.
I got Miss Dior Cherie, which I had been begging for for MONTHS. It came from Neiman's in a pretty gold box and I was sooooo excited I almost peed my pants. I also got pajamas and earphones for my iPod and some as-yet-unnamed present. My husband wasn't content with just the parfum, so he bought the lotion too...which I never would have asked for because I know that I will not use the lotion because the lotions that come with perfumes are always watery. However when I am wearing my pajamas and flittering about the house very excited about my awesome new scent, the lotion seemed just the thing to wear!
I think I will refer to my husband as John. It amuses me, because his real name is pretty unusual. I don't mind having mine and Leila's names on here, as lots of people are named these names...but not so many people are named his name and I'd rather prospective employers not have their first impressions of him be that his wife is a spendaholic. And crazy.
John got some good gifts...a NIN t-shirt from the "With Teeth" tour, a box of fancy dark chocolate, a UM Terps hat, and a book of Batman comics, something like Batman does Japan.
Leila received some dress up shoes, a play camera, play cell phone, a Hello Kitty purse, and a little plus carrying case with a tiny little plush cat and mouse and their accessories. Her favorite gift, though, was a My Little Pony ornament, which she ran around with, screaming, "Bah! Bahll! BahBall!" She loves to play with my purse, shoes, camera and cell phone, so I thought these were good ideas...however, the Temper Tantrum Fairy visited during the gift giving...and John and I realized it was eight o clock and she hadn't eaten...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Recent Splurges

It is once again the most wonderful time of the year, but my family is small and my husband won't buy me makeup, sooo...I bought some things for myself.
I had a consultation with Raina, (Rahn-yah) France's friend, who works for Lancome as some sort of district coordinator something-or-other, meaning she goes to different stores around the area, and she happened to be at Bloomie's in our mall. France called me and told me to go see her, so I did.
Besides being funny and pretty and understanding about the In-Laws, the woman changed my life.
Never before would I have thought that spending eighty dollars on face scrub and cream would be on my mind, but suddenly I am wondering how many weeks will go by before I can afford such a splurge. As I buy the products I'll review them and list their names and prices, but right now that seems like way too much effort when I could be talking about lipstick and eyeshadow.
From Raina I bought Lancome's Renergie Lift Makeup in Porcelain 40 (foundation) to go with my Dual Finish of a few entries ago. It came with some stuff but most importantly, another eye quad in very wearable brown-coppers. (I hate orange coppers and almost all makeup counter ladies want to put them on me.)
Last night I succumbed to my Black Honey urges at the Clinique counter. They were out of the lipstick, so I bought the glosswear for lips, and I really do love the color. I've been trying to break out of my mauve-rose lipcolor rut, and this is perfect. Of course, it was only $13.50, which wasn't enough to get the free gift, so I had to get something else...after walking around the counter a billion times, I decided on Colour Surge Lip Laquer in Sultry Splash, which is a sort of glimmery toffee color. It's gorgeous and thick and in the sleekest little pot.
Lancome is my first love for face products. Clinique has great things for lips. Smashbox has the most beautiful, colorful eyeshadows.
My poor little bank account is screaming for mercy.


Received yet another order from Beccalights (link below) today and seriously, ya'all...these are some of the most delicious candles I have ever smelled. I ordered a pack of samples and now I can't wait until Spring so I can get my little fingers on goodies like "Freshly Mown" and "Clean Linens"...the latter of which smells exactly like a Bounce dryer sheet.
Also ordered the lip balm in Butterscotch flavor and it smells delicious and is smooth on the lips. A little waxy but I forgive it because it smells. So. Good.
So, Cinnabun candles and Butterscotch lip balm and freshly baked cookies for my management team at work, and I hope they love it as much as I do!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wishes and Such.

It's not easy being a mommy. I don't think anyone would tell you so, and if anyone does, they're lying.
You let yourself fall apart after awhile. You're not sure at exactly what point you decided that you'd rather go four days without showering just to get an extra fifteen minutes of sleep, but it happens more than you'd like to admit, and you start to feel slightly inhuman.
So you go to the Clinique counter, you buy some lipstick, you clean off your dresser, and you swear that tomorrow, you're gonna brush your hair, maybe even dress up. Tomorrow you'll start the routines you keep promising yourself.
Black Honey, is all I'm saying. Worked wonders for my spirit.

Monday, December 12, 2005


I received my candles from Beccalights and they are so delicious. Seriously. If you've been spending your wad on Yankee Candle Company or somesuch mess, you need to get on over to this website and buy some Cinnabun or possibly Baked Bread.
Within fifteen minutes of opening the box and inhaling the yummy goodness, Leila had yanked a candle down, dug her little fingernails into it and was trying to figure out why it didn't taste good. (Kind of like when she eats the wrappers from Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.) Sooo I chalked that one up to ruined and lit it and OH. MY. GOD. I must make cinnamon rolls forthwith! The smell, she is overwhelming.
Ahem. So then I had to order another candle since these are presents, and then I also ordered some lip balm to add to the package and this time, having learned my lessson, I ordered an extra one for myself, PLUS six samples. I now have to get a tartwarmer thing.
France did not kill me for posting about her little...episode...and in fact I think she boosted my visits quite a bit. So we still love each other and can go shopping at Ulta for five times the points! Yay!
I think I am intoxicated by the scent of my candle because this was supposed to be a cranky post. I am sick and Leila is sick and my husband is grumpy and trying to decide whether or not to change jobs and the sky is threatening snow but not actually snowing...but who can complain when they have grilled cheese and Cinnabun candles? Not me!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Sorry, guys.

And now Blogger hates me.

I have tried to post this already--twice! Let's try again because Lord knows there's not enough complaining in this world!
Hi! Today sucks. Did I mention it already? I'm sorry, I can't hear myself talk over THE RAGING BEASTCHILD FROM HADES.
And let me tell you, there's no capper to your day like hearing your husband say, "Oh, they won't fire me till after this project is over."
Also did I mention the screaming? Always with the screaming and the beating of tiny fists on the floor. And I am tired, oh so very tired...but does Master care? No. All Master wants is to sit in Mama's chair and spill this nice cup of tea ALL OVER THE CHRISTMAS CARDS featuring her ANGELIC FACE.

Today sucks!

Hi! Today sucks. Did I mention it already? I'm sorry, I can't hear myself talk over THE RAGING BEASTCHILD FROM HADES.
And let me tell you, there's no capper to your day like hearing your husband say, "Oh, they won't fire me till after this project is over."
Also did I mention the screaming? Always with the screaming and the beating of tiny fists on the floor. And I am tired, oh so very tired...but does Master care? No. All Master wants is to sit in Mama's chair and spill this nice cup of tea ALL OVER THE CHRISTMAS CARDS featuring her ANGELIC FACE.

Today sucks!

Hi! Today sucks. Did I mention it already? I'm sorry, I can't hear myself talk over THE RAGING BEASTCHILD FROM HADES.
And let me tell you, there's no capper to your day like hearing your husband say, "Oh, they won't fire me till after this project is over."
Also did I mention the screaming? Always with the screaming and the beating of tiny fists on the floor. And I am tired, oh so very tired...but does Master care? No. All Master wants is to sit in Mama's chair and spill this nice cup of tea ALL OVER THE CHRISTMAS CARDS featuring her ANGELIC FACE.

Mornings with the Beastess.

A short list of things my daughter has done since we got out of bed forty minutes ago:
~climbed onto the kitchen table
~threw herself on the floor sobbing
~dug batteries out of a drawer and ran down the hall shoving them all in her mouth
~threw herself on the floor sobbing
~refused to stay still during diaper change OR toenail clipping, reached for the clippers, nearly snipped her own finger off, and then
~threw herself on the floor sobbing
Terrible twos, here we come.
God help us all.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I have come across the funniest. blog. ever. So funny she's published a book that I will be buying even though I hate paying money for "funny" books but seriously? I almost peed my pants laughing today. I am nothing if not generous so I would like to direct you towards Jennsylvania and don't say I never gave you anything.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Presents for all!

Via the very funny Miss Doxie I found these candles and ordered 4 of the Cinnabun tins for gifties. Through there I discovered these soaps and now I feel compelled to order 4 soaps to go with my 4 candles for a grand total of around $40 for three gift sets and a little something for myself. Which I know isn't bad. But still, with all the shopping I've done today I feel like I should wait until next weekend, except I can't, because the soap site closes the 9th! Such decisions!
Anyway, over at Miss Doxie's there are about a million gift ideas for under $10 and it's about the smartest idea I've seen in awhile, so head over and browse. There are coupons, too!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

When you smiiiiiiiile...

The whole world smiles with you! And how can you not smile at this face??
Image hosted by
Or this face:
Image hosted by
Or these tights!
Image hosted by

Retail Hell.

Now, I like my job. I know it's hard to believe. I know most people would lead you to believe that retail will suck your soul out through your fingertips. And it probably will. But I lurve clothes and I lurve working with a bunch of women and I lurve making someone's entire day when I find that sale shoe in size 7.5 in some store in Hawaii.
I even lurve the holidays.
To a certain extent, that is.
See, when holiday time begins, people are cheerful. They are happy. They are shopping! for! that special someone! Hoorah, and do you have this in an extra small? Associates are excited because pretty cashmere is rolling in every day, and the tangy scent of markdowns is in the air.
However. It is now almost the second week of December. And people are starting to get a wee bit edgy.
If you've shopped anytime in the past, oh, ten years or so, you know that retailers have different bags at Christmas. Ours this years are candy-apple red and gorgeous. They're stacked everywhere in the backroom. The backroom is the domain of the lovely and talented France, my great friend, (the blog about our trip to Ulta is forthcoming, I swear!) and probably my favorite coworker. Girlfriend can haul through stock like nobody's business, and juggles three jobs while still having gorgeous hair. It's just not fair.
France is fairly easygoing, but she's a neatfreak, and you know, none of the rest of us are.
So. Picture it. We've received 40 cases of shipment, 20 boxes of bags and boxes, and four massive boxes containing visual stuff. We had a huge sale over the weekend, and we've been placing sweaters on the floor directly from the boxes, totally screwing up poor France's system. I flip out. "France will be here at two, and this place is a disaster! Also, a fire hazard! But France, she will have our heads!" So Erica and I start stacking up all the boxes, take the trash out, pick up all the random pieces of plastic and stack up the purses. I am generally please with the effect.
France came dancing in at one thirty, all tra-la-la, and having been there since seven, I'm like, "what's your deal?"
"I'm just in a GREAT mood!" she trills at me.
"Glad someone is," I mutter.
So I am cleaning. And I am backstocking. And I am merchandising. And I am assisting clients. Because lo, I am keyholder extraordinaire. And as I bring sweaters into the back, France gestures wildly, "What the hell is this?"
Me: "Uh, what?"
"This mess!"
I kind of laughed, not sure what she was talking about, and made some comment about how she should have seen the place earlier.
"Who did this with the bags?" she grits, and I wildly say that I stacked them there because the door was blocked and then finally I realize that she is talking about the piles of holiday bags gaily tossed over the left side of her work desk.
"Oh, I didn't do that!" I say, anxious to escape her wrath.
Grumbling under her breath. Then, louder, "You'd better tell them I'm mad! Mad, I say!"
And then I think she started foaming at the mouth but I was too busy hightailing it out of there to notice.
A while later I came back and she was listening to a mix tape.
"Aw, are you listening to 'Jackie's Mix 1'?" I asked, sing-songy.
"Yes," she snapped, You wanna make something of it? hiding in that one word.
"Sorr-ee. What's wrong with you?"
"I am seriously PISSED," she spluttered, right before she started speaking in tongues. In ancient Aramaic, I believe she was saying something about disrespect, but since I didn't watch Passion of the Christ I'm not really fit for interpreting.
See what I'm saying? Edgy.
Eventually one of the managers cleaned up the travesty of the holiday bags and France had some tea and I think all was right with the world, but I'm totally not talking to her until the last client walks out with the last holiday bag. Or January 12. Or when I think it's safe.
And France? I maintain my innocence. Please love me again! Otherwise, my future trips to Ulta will be super boring.

*some incidents may be slightly exaggerated for comedic effect.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I would go out toniiiiiiiiight...

All I'm saying is, Morrissey? Makes me feel like I'm listening to Kermit the Frog emote.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Over the Rainbow.

I grew up in a fairly strict Christian household, but I don't remember ever thinking things like, "homosexuality is so disgusting," and it's possible I never felt that way. It was hammered into my head from day one that it was wrong and immoral and terrible.

I do remember asking my mother one day what she thought. There was a front page article on how the inner ear of a gay man was different from the inner ear of a straight man and fact or fiction, my mind was whirring. "But if God made them this way...?" My mom answered something to the effect of, "Homosexuality is a tendency you have to overcome, like alcoholism."

This is not a concept anyone had ever mentioned to me before, and while I know my mom didn't intend for it to have this effect, I couldn't stop making little equations in my head, to this effect:

gay=sin=everyone sins=no worse than lying, right?

It never really mattered until I was nineteen and living in Northern California with my grandmother. My angst-ridden heart was in the throes of a long delayed rebellion and I had started thinking a lot of things my parents wouldn't approve of. I was shy and lonely and spending a lot of time on the internet, belonging to a diverse message board--and these people were shaping my thoughts in an incredible way.

Soon the equation looked like this:

gay = not so bad after all

But what would I know about this? I'd never come across an openly gay person in any close capacity. Gay didn't have a face or a name to me, it was pretty white boys awkwardly kissing on MTV or middle aged Jewish men preening on the style network, and I'm not trying to be rude here, that's just all it ever was or could be.

Until I was nineteen. And I saw my cousin Chris (not his real name) and spent about five minutes with him and thought, "Wow, he sure is sensitive." He was a psuedo-goth kid in mostly black, super skinny, the auburn hair that I share with him and his older brother, his lips full and almost comical in their expressiveness.

He was fourteen years old.

On the floor of my sterile bedroom (what can a room at your grandma's house ever be but sterile?) he made me pinky swear to keep a secret. And he came out to me. And I don't think I even blinked. I mean, my heart ached for this kid, for what I was fairly sure had been done to him and his sister and for what I knew he would further endure, but I never thought, "But you'll go to hell, you vile thing! You are at the core of the disintegration of family values in America!"

I said, "That's okay, Chris. I kinda knew." (And I kinda had.)
He said, "Yeah, I thought you might."
Me: "I don't think any less of you."
Him: "I didn't think you would."

And in about two minutes, I had managed to commit the one act of rebellion that ever meant anything to me.

Later drips and drabs came at me--the poor kid had been put through hell and everyone in our family knew it, but no one ever tried to stop it. I still feel a deep hurt in my heart when I think about how selfish and wrapped up in myself I was--that I should have done more--that we've lost touch. Last I heard he had a girlfriend and I sort of couldn't decide if maybe he'd been a sensitive kid who was very confused OR if his father had finally pressured him into being someone he was not...maybe it was both, and he just thought that playing straight was easier. I understand his logic. But nothing's easy, straight or gay...occasionally though, you get those shining moments when you really know who you are.

Sunday, November 20, 2005!

It's probably kind of pathetic, but nothing is quite as luxurious to me as the scent and packing of expensive cosmetics. The shiny black Lancome compact and the highly fragranced powder within make me feel just a tiny bit more grown up and important than I really deserve.
That being said, I've dropped a load on makeup in the past few weeks. Just two weeks ago I bought Lancome powder, then last Sunday I got the mother of all makeup cases from Ulta. It contained around 40 eyeshadows and 30 lipcolors. Now, several of these are either colors that don't look great on me or colors I would not wear every day, but a lot of them are suprisingly flattering! They do contain a LOT of mica. I guess I will have to start putting on my eye makeup before I do anything else--which I think is how you're supposed to do it, but I've been wearing makeup since fifth grade and I'm a little set in my ways. They compare in color intensity to Smashbox but they aren't nearly as longlasting.
THEN yesterday I was at Nordstrom in Montgomery Mall (the closest big mall to me) and they were having a lot of different events because they just finished (thank God) their remodeling. All the makeup counters were doing makeovers and I happened upon a cancellation, so I got my eyes done at the Estee Lauder counter. (Yes, I am eighty years old!) All I bought was the undereye concealer, because, to tell you the truth, I wasn't that impressed with my makeup artist. She didn't seem to understand the concept of blending. Then I stopped by the Clinique counter to look at their new line of Black Honey products (going to buy one soon, I swear it!) and then, finally, purchased a Vanilla and Bergamont gift set by Bliss from Bloomie's. It was a great birthday present and an impulse buy, otherwise I NEVER would have spent so much on someone I don't know so well. But she really seemed to like it and I was flying high on the shiny silver EL compact, so all in all...a good day!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Know what's fun?

Being on MySpace, looking at the people from your high school group. Keep in mind, my high school was tiny--I knew everyone I graduated with and most of the kids in the other classes too. Not to say they were all my friends, I just knew them.
Now, five years later, as I look at profiles and such, I have the following reactions:
1) Who the hell is THAT?
2) Whoa.
3) YOU want to be my friend? I have not ONE PLEASANT MEMORY that involves you.
4) You live...where?
5) Wow, you look the same.
6) Wow, you look different.
7) You'

For the last, you have to wonder. I mean, everyone knows that girls love to put "bi" on their net profiles to seem "sexy," which, whatever. But you know, being from a small town in Arkansas, bi isn't so much sexy as cause for ostracizing that person...and so, mouth hanging open, I'm all...what?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Extravagant, even. Or was I right the first time? Do I really care? I do. I can't help myself.

A post! With words!

I don't care what Hayden Christiansen eats for breakfast, what color Kelly Ripa's bathroom is, or what Claire Danes thinks of George Bush. (In Style)
I don't want to see endless photos of leggy models in styles that could only be worn in New York, to a holiday party, if I weighed 90 pounds and had a million dollars. (Lucky)
I have no desire to give my husband the best blowjob ever NOR am I interested in what horrendous disease I could contract from my doctor's waiting room. (Cosmo)

I just want to see pretty pictures of nice clothes, some can be extravagent, but I'm mostly interested in things that I can afford to purchase. At the mall or on the internet. I mean, that handbag is gorgeous, but most people reading this magazine will not be calling up the Hermes store and inquiring about how they can special order that five-digit briefcase.

And you know, I'm a wife and a mother and I have a job, but I'm twenty three years old. I pick up Good Housekeeping and its ilk, but most of the time, I just want to look at shiny shoes and lipstick. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Because everyone loves a Mommy Blog!

Here is my precious princess in a lovely selection of Gymboree clothing.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

And here she is in her Eid dress, which was totally adorable, and came from Target, ya'all! I was going to pay $50 for one from a department store, found this, and it was $17.99! Woot!
Image hosted by

Friday, November 11, 2005


I don't want to like it.

But I do.
I just love the purples. With the textures. And the leopard. Something about it is just so appealing...I want to touch it. (Does appealling have one L or two? Did I spell leopard right? I am so high on cold and pain meds that I'm falling asleep at the computer. Why am I still here?)

I think that after I get a couple of paychecks with my brand-new raise, I will reward myself with a Coach bag. Finally. Maybe not that one...but one. Maybe. I'm not really a big fan of the logo print--it sort of screams, "Look at me! Carrying a Coach bag! See! Coach bag! Me! I routinely waste money on this sort of thing!" But I can't really judge because I would totally spend the money on at least ONE new one every year, were I in a position to do so...but still, I prefer the leather bags, but they are much more expensive. I love the suede ones, especially the purple...but suede is hard to take care of and other dark dyed suede tends to rub off on your clothes.

Despite my non-love of the logo...I do like this a lot...but my baby is not really baby enough for that.

Maybe I will get Dooney and Burke instead.

I'b thick. ~sniff~

I am soooooooo sick today, ya'all. Everyone and their dog has this strange laryngitis/cold virus and guess what? My turn! I am so tired. Feroze lovingly let me sleep in till ten, then I took another nap at three. I can't taste much and I'm not hungry...also, did I mention the tired? Very tired. I'm also on painkillers for that Thing We Don't Talk About Here because it's taken over my life and I really want to make an effort not to whine about it all the time, so with my tired napping I get psychotic nightmares about being a horrible person who everyone thinks is...horrible. Descriptive powers not really up to par today.

Buuuuuuuuut I did shop a bit yesterday. Nothing too exciting. I bought Turkey Gravy Base and Foccacia Croutons from Williams Sonoma for an obscene price but you guys? That turkey gravy is SO GOOD. Tastes BETTER than homemade. Also walked around the store snorting a little bit at the prices. Seriously, it's pretty, but the day I pay $35 for a muffin tin is the day my husband buries me under the fig tree.
I bought Wallflowers Refills from Bath and Body works on Tuesday. Witness marketing ploys sway me: I went in there to spend $15 on something, anything, so that I could get the antibacterial soap for $2. Finally I picked up a Wallflower refill in Kitchen Spice. Then the girl said, "Do you want to get two? They're two for $20!" So I did. THEN yesterday I went back in for hand repair cream, because my hands were so dry they itched. Saw that the wallflowers were now on sale for $6 apiece. Growled, bought an extra for the study AND another refill. AND the hand cream in black rasberry vanilla. (which is what I got the soap in the previous day) AND I bought another soap (for my house) in Kitchen Spice, because that stuff smells SO GOOD. Witness: my sister in law and her friend called down the stairs for Leila, and then asked me what I was cooking. Me: "teriaki chicken," Them: "No, no, what are you BAKING?" Uh, nothing...Kitchen Spice wallflower strikes!
Also bought a couple of cards of cheapie stud earrings at Claire's.
Then...the bestest of all...Gift time at Lancome! I bought the Dual Finish Versatile Powder in Matte Clair II, and it came with a cute tartan plaid tote, matching makeup bag, two anti-wrinkle creams (hi, I'm 23, ya'all.) Definicils mascara, an Eyecolour Quad in "4Radiance", and Le Rouge Absolu in Rose Crystal lipcolour. The lipstick is AWESOME. Super creamy and a gorgeous color. The eyecolour is actually not as awesome, one of the colors I can't wear at all, the others are pretty much repeats of colors I already have. But I will try them and see if they are superior to my Smashbox pallette in the same shades. The thing is, the eye quad in the color scheme I liked came with a bad lipstick, and the good lipstick came with this quad. I actually told her to give me the other, but she gave me this one, but I love the lipstick so much I don't care!

Wow. Okay. Shutting up now. I leave you with some awesome dresses from Anthropologie.



reminds me of Hawaii

vaguely Roman, without being overplayed

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Under Construction!

Soooooooooo I got a promotion!

(This relates to makeup exactly HOW? you say? Well, more MONEY to spend on the makeup, people, get your priorities in order!)

(Also? In the process of trying to write both about life-related things AND shallow vapidness of vanity.)

Anyhoodle, I've been with AT for two years now, and I love the product, love my coworkers, etc. I wanted more responsibility, but as management often ends up working sixty hour weeks, I couldn't do it. Because, you know, the baby and husband and stuff. Sooooooooo just in time for the holidays corporate instituted a new keyholder position, and I got it! It's a big raise and a lot more responsibility, but no extra hours. I am so happy! You be happy too! AT should be happy too, because the more I make the more I spend on our GORGEOUS holiday line that you must check out right now! I desire the following items:

Wool Portrait Collar Jacket because seriously? How much more adorable can you get than that wide, Jackie O collar?
This twinset in Port with these pants which look AWESOME on.
This sweater which comes in several more colors in the store, and I want the gray and the lavender. Also, much cuter in person.
This sweater in the port color (available in stores) and black. The pin is removable and the neckline is soooo graceful and elegant!
Still undecided about this but in person the colors are really lovely. I'm going to have to try it on and see how it wears.
None of the shoes I want are available online.
I desire this handbag in the garnet.
...and that's all I will burden you with today!

Oh! But have you seen Sephora's gift sets. Mmmmmmmm...also, majorly desire Miss Dior Cherie, the new fragrance from Dior. Smells delicious!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Leila took her pants off today.
I realize this is an abrupt change from my normal shallow and vapid posting, but ya'all, this is BIG. You know why this is big?
Because Montessori says that once a child can get their pants off, it's time to be pottytrained.

She is sixteen months old, guys.
She is a prodigy in my eyes, of course, but she did start walking at ten months. She knows tons of words and routinely scares us with how quickly she catches on to things.
But I am in NO WAY ready to try to potty train this child. Isn't she supposed to, like, TALK IN SENTENCES first or something? She still won't directly ask for milk or food, how is she going to tell me she went potty?!
I am a wreck. She has been sick all week and whining nonstop and I feel like killing her. I had to leave a party early tonight because I knew the husband couldn't handle her...I came down stairs and he immediately passed out in the bed while I tried to both scrub the sink and deal with her in-freaking-cessant WHINING. My only consolation is that soon the meds will kick in and offer sweet, sweet, silence.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Black is the new black.

So I spent a little money at work this week.

I've mentioned my love for the Lindsay-fit pants before, and I picked up these little beauties, which fit me PERFECTLY and broke in exactly the right place (with heels) over my cute new pumps. The pants are a lovely wool crepe and have the most beautiful drape. The pumps are in black rather than bordeaux, though I considered buying both because the toe looks divine under my pants.

I picked up this sweater in black rather than honey. You can't really see the adorable detailing around the neck, but it's very elegant! I also picked up this one in black as well.

I was stunned to see how good I look in head-to-toe black. So I am trying to limit myself for the next few weeks/months to buying only black and assembling a wardrobe of classic black pieces.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Passing through!

I know, I've been a bad, bad girl. I tantalize you with my product reviews, I insist you buy the products...and then I disappear.
Sorry, gals, but I've been workin' hard for the money, and haven't been spending too much of it. (At least not on anything fun.) But I did pick up two fabulous items from Ulta yesterday and would like to inform you that they are having a MASSIVE clearance and I will be returning there on Tuesday to relieve them of some of their merchandise.

~Maybelline Shiny-licious gloss in Sugar Plum-- love this! I've been obsessing over buying a Plum lipstick (and still plan to purchase Clinique's new Colour Surge in Perfectly Plum) but picked this up last night. It's a heavy, sticky gloss with just enough color for those days when you don't want a heavy lip but still want to look "finished." When you first put it on, it smells like peppermint and tingles a bit, and settles into a smooth, thick gloss that lasts a while (as long as you don't eat.) The color would look good on anyone, and I plan to purchase another!

~Freeman "Beautiful Face" Blueberries and Champagne Peel-Off Mask-- I am now obsessed with peel-off products. It feels so strangely good! This one smells yummy and is really gentle, and definitely makes my face feel softer, but doesn't appear to live up to its promise of unclogging my pores. Oh, well, I still get the softness and the odd thrill of peeling it all off, so never fear! I noticed yesterday that Queen Helene had a peel-off masque and I will probably be picking that up to add to my collection. Fun! I'll fill you in when I try it out!

Back sooner rather than later, gals, I promise!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Spendy McBleedsMoney

I have recently purchased the following items:

~Ann Taylor Lindsay Waist Pants such as this model is wearing. Now, I work at Ann Taylor, and therefore I am slightly biased, but I am an honest person and would not lie to you: I. Love. These. Pants. They fit me like they were MADE for my J.Lo but and Mom hips, and manage to cut me so that the little rounding under my belly isn't quite so obvious. As soon as I tried them on I knew I would have to purchase them. I swear, if you are a shopaholic, it is not good to work in a store--think about it. If you would happily pay full price for the merchandise, you can buy almost TWICE as much with a discount! And I do, ladies. I do.

~A whole load of clothing for Leila. I am not sure if I have mentioned yet that she is fifteen months old. She seems to wear a different size at every store I buy from. I have added details that make shopping for clothing for her difficult, (another post, another day) then pile on top of that the fact that I am a true bargain hunter, and you will see why I was so proud of myself. She got four shirts from The Children's Place for $3.99 each. They are long sleeved and have a tiny ruffle with two little bows on it at the collar. Too cute! To match I bought two little corduroy skirts as well, for $5.99 each. At Gymboree I spent about $20.00 on a pair of pants and accessories, including an adorable little hat. She wore one of the outfits the other day and got complimented in every place we went to.

~At Target I bought roll-waist yoga pants in dark gray for $16.99 and three long-sleeved cotton tees in a prewashed fabric. They are very thin. Two have v-necks and are nice enough for work when paired with dressy pants. I got emerald green, pink, and light blue, the last of which I am wearing today.

~Three Agatha Christie books from Borders: Third Girl, Sad Cypress, and The Harlequin Tea Set. I was very excited because I'd never read the last two before and I devoured them yesterday afternoon after work.

Why, yes, I am a slacker. How did you know?

Sorry to my two readers: I am a little caught up in my own life of late. I am temporarily abandoning my format. I'd like to change it up a bit; for instance, just using one category or two per day. Plus I feel a little stupid posting my makeup when I wear almost the same thing every day, if I wear any at all.

Also, you know, this is a blog, and I am not made of fluffinstuff. I have a husband and a toddler and girlfriends and a job, and sometimes I want to tell you about those things too. But on the other hand, I don't want you to come here looking for relief from the daily tragedies in your household, hoping to dry your tears with Peppermint Foot Scrub or something, and then see a long post about my endometriosis and my Lupron shots and how I'm really too young for all the junk that has been going on with me for the past year because then you'll be like, "Okay, well, my son just POOPED IN THE LIVING ROOM and wiped his butt with a dishtowel! Beat that, Mrs. Stoic!" And, well, that's not the reader/blogger relationship I'm going for.

So bear with me, gals, as I sort myself out. For now, I believe I'll make a little spendy post, because that's what it seems I've been doing a lot of lately!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Shout out...

A little shout out to my girlfriends from 4th Kingdom! Hope you all find something new and yummy to try out!

...aaaaaaaand More Reviews!

I'm sorry for being a slacker in the what I wore, what I bought, etc areas, but I've been sick and sicker all week, so there's not a lot going on in the what I wore department, nor the what I bought department, but last night I did do a spendy, $16 at Ulta:
~ Freeman Totally Juicy Mango Taffy Pore Strips.
~Blistex Silk and Shine
~Maybelline PureStay Powder Foundation in Ivory
~Loreal Vive Smooth Intense Masque

I would have bought more, but payday was today, and in addition, I was on some serious painkillers, so not ONLY did I forget my list o' products to try (as recommended by site I will link to below) but I could only remember two things on the list, anyway, which was the Freeman Taffy Strips and the Blistex.

It's really important to me to review things that lots of people can afford to buy, although from time to time you might see me raving about something ludicrously expensive like the Coach bags. And I do buy my daughter's clothes (some of them) from Gymboree, because they have good sales and the clothes are so. effing. cute. Plus they have a high resale value on Ebay, so I feel that I can excuse spending a little extra money on a few pieces.

I know that I don't have any readers now, but someday I might, and I want to make sure I'm not babbling about inaccessible (able?) things all the time, just because that's not what I'm going for.

So. Of my new products, I have so far tried two.

1) Blistex Silk and Shine: This rocks. I put it on last night at about eight o' clock, and didn't have to reapply until right before bed at eleven. Furthermore, when I woke up this morning, my lips still felt soft and moisturized. I am really excited because winter cometh, and during the winter I am prone to my lips cracking and bleeding, and my entire face and scalp trying to flake off at once. So I have to get into the habit of overapplying moisturizers and lip balms.
This one is great because it has a yummy smell, comes in a fat, lipstick-like tube, and really makes my lips feel great. Plus it has a slightly glossy finish and a sweet taste. What more could one ask for?

2) Freeman Totally Juicy Mango Taffy Pore Strips: Now, the idea here is brilliant. You squeeze the stuff on your skin, kind of pat it down with a finger, and then in fifteen minutes or so, rip it off, along with all the gunk in your pores! However, it is super runny, making the application a little more difficult. I am actually using it for the second time right now, because last night? Not that impressive. But maybe my pores are so disgustingly clogged that I need two applications to really see a difference.
It's kind of neato; when I apply the stuff to my face and it starts drying, I can see the gunk in my pores rising to the surface and sticking to the taffy. It's gross and neat, all in one! But when I pulled the taffy off (be careful around the underneath of your eyes) my skin seemed a little smoother, but there were still blackheads and clogged pores. I am fairly certain I will need to do this several times before my pores really show a difference. I'll keep you updated!
Also, the back of the tube says ten minutes, but I waited twenty or so. It's thick and goopy and takes a while to dry...but it smells nummy!!

Now, for more product reviews, I recommend the awesome Delush and my favorite makeup blog, Lipstick Is My Crack.
For things you can't afford but still like to look at, I have been perusing Pink Mirage and I fully enjoy the beautiful things she posts about.

That's all for now, girls!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Product Reviews!

You can expect a full post about wearing and spending, etc, tomorrow, but today I wanted to post a bit about some products I am using lately. One of my favorite things about Lipstick is My Crack is the fact that Badger faithfully reviews the products she is trying out. Because of her I tried the Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask and Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers. I also created a night time routine for myself and started wearing makeup more faithfully, after letting myself slack for awhile.

So, here go a few things I've been trying out:

Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser: This creamy face wash is a tad bit harsh on my skin, especially in the dryest spots. But I follow it up with a good moisturizer and that seems to help. It leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and I get less of those really irritating, deep-skin pimples. (I just realized I've been referring to this as Clearasil. It's not!)

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask: God bless Badger. This mask smells awesome, makes my pores smaller, and leaves my face feeling super-soft. I plan to use it once a week. The best part? Ya'all, $2.99 for a bottle with a 33% bonus!

Target Brand Non-Oily Eye Makeup Remover: I'm not overimpressed with this product, but it doesn't irritate my eyes or break out the tender skin around them, and it does remove most of the gunk, plus it's about half the price of Neutrogena, Almay, etc. I follow it up with my Clean & Clear and there are no racoon eyes in the morning!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: Most of my friends know that I am a complete Clinique ho. I love their products and would swim through crocodile-infested waters before missing gift time. I am just now getting into the facial products, and because of said gift time I have three. I use the dramatically different moisturizing gel as the last step in my nightly facial routine, and it leaves my skin feeling much softer, with much less little flakies. I take special care around the corners of my nose, which for some reason constantly are red and flaky. I also feel like I also have a little more evenness to my complexion due to the new routine.

Clinique Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer with SPF 25: Love. This. Stuff. Makes my skin soft, keeps me from getting burned, and doesn't break me out.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Link City!

Since both yesterday and today are sick days, I decided to post my wish list for the coming weeks, with hotlinks and everything! Aren't I internet savvy?

This with a pair of knee-high brown boots and a chunky turtleneck sweater would be too cute!
~I must have one of these three gorgeous Coach bags ASAP!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I am totally not posting about yesterday, because it sucked. But I did get some nummy sushi and I bought a few cute things for Leila in the eventide, which I will list below with today's purchases.

So, today:

What I Wore:

~a l/s button-up oxford, white, with really gorgeous shades of pink, mauve, burgundy, and lavender pinstriped, plus two little tiny teeny stripes of ruffles on either side of the buttons. Ann Taylor. Totally adorable, I own it in green/lavender stripes too.
~grey flat-front dress pants, NY & Co
~ freaking adorable black kitten-heeled shoes with a squared-off toe and a little flap and tassel on the end, Ann Taylor
(We had a fashion show at work today, so I actually got to wear several adorable Ann Taylor outfits, the descriptions of which would take a hundred years. So when I actually buy and wear them, I'll describe them.)
~Clinique Simply

My Face:

~Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation in Porcelain Ivory
~L'oreal True Match Powder, Warm/ Porcelain
~Rimmel Blush in Pink Rose
~Pur Minerals Lip Gloss in Rose Zircon (love this!)
~France did my eyes for the fashion show, which looked awesome, but I have no idea what she used
~Max Factor Volume and Lift Mascara in Rich Black

What I Did:

~totally overslept
~Worked 8-2, fashion show at 8
~did a bit of grocery shopping at Trader Joe's
~Target run
~browsed Gap and Lord and Taylor


~anniversary gift for Feroze at Gap, green shirt with cream pinstripe, button down, so cute! $30
~(yesterday) $25 at Gymboree: 1 cream colored l/s onesie with burgundy and lavender embroidered flowers, 1 cream colored s/s onesie for next summer with ALOHA embroidered on it, one pair purple socks with burgundy ruffle, one pair purple barrettes with burgundy rose, both matching l/s onesie. Also a burgundy s/s shirt with a satin bow in one corner, also matching the barrettes and socks.
~shoes I wore today, bought at Ann Taylor, $29.99
~assorted barrettes and headbands at Target, Target brand eye makeup remover, Queen Helene Julep Mint Face Mask (recommended by Badger, I believe), knee-high panty hose, assorted sundries for house (Feroze paid for this, came to about $50)

The Mailman Hates Me:

~Parenting Magazine, which, don't kill me, I kind of enjoy it, though some of the people are insane and judge-y, I just ignore them. I have in laws. I'm good at that.

Rants and Raves:

~Okay, my product purchases. I just used the eye makeup remover and it worked okay. Got most of the gunk from the fashion show off, and my Clearasil Continuous Clean face wash got the rest off. Then I did the Queen Helene and my face feels soft but a little sting-y. I finished up with Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizer and I'm hoping for soft, glowy skin in the morning!

~Leila is going to look SO DARLING in the clothes I bought her from Gymboree! I love that store with a passion but it is heinously expensive. I spend more on her clothes than my own. She just needs a little denim skirt to wear it with, but they didn't have the one that matched it in her size. I'm off to peruse the website.

~Got a 25% off Friends and Family card from Coach. I've never bought anything there before, but will post a link to what I am going to purchase for my very first Coach bag!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What I Wore:

~chocolate brown l/s Old Navy "perfect fit" tee
~wide-legged NY&Co denim capris, dark wash
~ blue-and-white Aasics cross-trainers (still shiny and new looking!)
~Gap Blue for Women

My Face:

not a darn thing, not even sunscreen

What I Did:

~browsed at Borders
~ worked 10-4, leaving early 'cause I got sick


a coffee and a soda at the Coffee Beanery, $2.50
~ Good Housekeeping and Shop, Etc, an adorable postcard with a picture of cheese with hearts carved in it, and fat crayons for Leila to experiment with in her high chair only!!

The Mailman Doesn't Hate Me Today.

Rants and Raves:

I complained (something I never do) at Borders today because there was a manager berating an employee on the floor, and she did not stop, nay, did not even look up when I came upstairs to shop, and I heard the entire conversation, and it was very uncomfortable and crappy and I was mad. So I wrote a little complaint card out. I didn't want to have a confrontation, I just wanted to make the woman aware of how freaking tacky it is to have those sorts of conversations on the shop floor.

~Why is the receptionist at my doctor's office so freaking rude? She can't ever seem to connect me to the person I need to speak to without some sort of nasty, snippy comment.

~Shout-out to France! :-) A great co-worker and gal pal, who drove me home today when I started feeling ill. I love it when you meet great people at work, and get to spend time with them. France and my other girlfriend, Joy, are absolutely hilarious, and if nothing else, I'm thankful for my job because it helped me find some friends who find the same ridiculous things funny as I do!


What I Wore:

Silk periwinkle sweater with a v-neck and bell sleeves
~white cotton cami with lace around the neck and thick lace straps
~ black capri pants
~ black flat leather sandals with a huge flower on the side of the strap
~Clinique Simply

My Face:

Clinique Superdefense Sunscreen/Moisturizer
~Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation in Porcelain Ivory
~L'oreal True Match Powder, Warm/ Porcelain
~Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow from a "Color" face palette from Christmastime two years ago, in an icy lavender base shade and a darker purple in the crease
~Rimmel blush in Rose Pink
~ELF eyeliner in Gilded (just in the very outside corners)
~Ulta Contour lip pencil in Rose
~Cover Girl Wetslicks in Shimmershell, touched up with Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers in Watermelon
~ Max Factor VOlume and Lift Mascara in Rich Black

What I Did:

~cleaned a bit in the morning
~ worked 5-close (with two of my favorite gals, Jennifer and France, 'twas enjoyable!)


~ Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers in Champagne, $3.50
~ Bath and Body Works 2 oz. body lotion in Brown Sugar and Fig (brand new! Smells nummy!) for $2.00
~ $10.00 at Eatzi's for sushi, chips, and Fuze tea for my dinner

The Mailman Hates Me:

a really adorable Gymboree "Tiger Love" dress from last year's line, cream-colored velour with red and gray stripes, and a boatneck with heart buttons on either side, for Leila, size 12-18 months. It was like, $16.00 on Ebay with shipping. But I love it so much, I finally broke down and bought it.

Rants and Raves:

~nothing for yesterday, sorry.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The link for ELF is actually -- sorry! Be sure and check it out--everything is only one dollar!

Okay, product name...

I swear, ELF is not paying me for this ongoing blurb about them.

The product I use on my cheeks on days when I don't wear any powder is called "Shimmering Facial Whip" and I own it in "Pink Lemonade" and will be ordering "Persimmon" today. I love this stuff. It has a great texture, just the right amount of color and shimmer, and lasts a nice amount of time. I also adore their eyeliner, it is really soft and easy to apply, as opposed to other cheap eyeliners, which have a tendency to feel like you're applying the liner with the safety pin or something,

Let's just pretend...

Let's just pretend that every post I write was actually written the night before, instead of lazily collapsing into bed without washing my face. (Because I would never do that. No, really, I am a face-washing fiend.)

So, yesterday was not the best day to start documenting my fashion prowess, but to be true to the new and improved spirit of my blog, I shall post it anyway. That was kind of the point, anyway, that I should dress up and take care of myself so that I wouldn't be ashamed to post about my clothes/makeup/spending.

My Face:
~ Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Porcelain Ivory
~ELF Cream Blush (actually, I don't know the technical name of this blush OR what shade it is. It comes in a little tube, very creamy, in an awesome pinky-peach.) (For ONE DOLLAR, ya'all!)
~Ulta Contour Lip Pencil in Rose
~Cover Girl Wetslicks in Shimmershell
~Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer in Sierra Glaze (brushed very lightly over lower lids)
~Clinique Pore Minimizer/T-zone Shine Control (just on my nose)
~Max Factor Volume and Lift Mascara in Rich Black

What I Wore:

~l/s heather gray "Perfect Fit" tee, Old Navy
~ dark wash denim wide-legged capris, NY & Co
~ black flip-flops with rhinestone studs on straps, Payless
~wedding set (engagement ring with three princess-cut diamonds, wedding bands with channel-set diamonds, alternating princess and baguette. White gold.)
~ Large cream canvas tote with red leather straps and piping, Things Remembered (bridesmaid gift from my girlfriend Shannon, who just got married.)

What I Did:

~MRI scan in the morning
~Starbucks and Trader Joe's on the way home
~cleaned, made dinner, and baked M&M cookies


5.00 at Starbucks, venti iced Caramel Machiatto, extra caramel, extra ice, and a little chocolate-covered caramel.
~$12.07 at Trader Joe's; triple cream brie, baguette, Orangina, dried apricots, frosted Pop-Tarts

The Mailman Doesn't Hate Me Today.

Rants and Raves:

~If you haven't checked out the ELF website yet, you are not a true product junkie. I'm short on time so I won't hotlink it, bit's the

~I. Love. Trader. Joe's. I even managed to convince my husband we should start doing all of our food shopping there. I had never really absorbed the fact that the prices are so astoundingly cheap next to stores like Whole Foods and Eatzi's. Whole Foods has a better Health and Beauty section but for good eats, I plan to go the Trader Joe's route. The brie I bought was the best I've ever had, and it was $4.12!!! A big bottle of Orangina (tasty orange soda) was $1.79!! At Eatzi's, that same bottle was $3.99!

~The new Banana Republic website rocks. I am very pleased. I love how it shows you right away that things are sold out in your size, instead of getting your hopes all up. I will be purchasing the merino sweater coat for $78 in the light tan color, I believe. Or maybe the "city brown". Or maybe both!

~Clinique Pore Minimizer and Shine Control, mini-review. It's about $13 for a small tube (think Clearasil-sized) and I feel, definitely, that it makes the huge pores on my nose look smaller, as well as putting a damper on the shine. But don't expect a totally matte look--it keeps you from looking greasy, but you still have a faint "glow", and it most definitely is not an all-day-long product.

That's all for today, but I do have to work tonight, so my outfit, etc, will be much improved for tomorrow's post!

Monday, September 12, 2005

A whole new blog.

After discovering the wonderful Lipstick Is My Crack I realize that it was all I had been looking for in a fashion/makeup/vanity blog, and exactly what I had wanted to do, without knowing just exactly what I wanted to do. I have decided to emulate Her Badgerness, along with several other blogs I peruse on a daily basis. I have also (thanks to my good friend Lucas) finally figured out how to hotlink, so I will be giving credit where credit is due, not to worry!

Now, I am by no means a fashion expert. However, I do have a pretty decent sense of style, a long-running career in retail, and a love of makeup and hair products along with the usual clothes, shoes, handbags obsession. Plus I like to talk.

In addition, I am trying to help myself out here. I am a young mom, and I've been having some health problems lately that have led to depression and general schlumpiness. I have high hopes that by forcing myself to document certain things, I will be more likely to follow a new regimen of taking better care of myself.

So, future posts will look something like this:
My Face: (wherein I shall have a brief description of makeup and/or skincare products.)
What I Wore: (wherein I shall have the brand and a brief description of my clothes and accessories.)
What I Did: (wherein I shall discuss the business or boringness of my daily activities.)
Spendy: (wherein I shall discuss what I bought and how much it cost my poor, piddly bank account)
The Mailman Hates Me: (because he always has to walk up to the door to deliver my packages, and here I'll tell you what was in them.)
Rants and Raves: (wherein I shall discuss any ole thing that is irritating me and/or making me happy, and I promise that most of the time it will be directly related to consumerism.) I go!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I have to post more often.

Otherwise how will I get a cult following?

Anyhoodle, a tiny rant for now, and later I shall discuss the ins and outs of me staying at home all day freaking long with a one year old. And not killing myself.

We saw Batman Begins on Monday night and it would have been an extremely enjoyable experience if not for the seven children sitting behind us. Thus, this letter.

Dear Mr. Rasta Man,
While I fully support you in your endeavor to have as many children as possible under thirteen years old (how disappointing there were only seven!) and I applaud your kindness in taking them all to a movie they are not, technically, old enough to see, I have a major problem with the fact that you did not sit with them.

Perhaps, sir, if you had taken the opportunity to sit with your children, or maybe even in the row behind them, I could have enjoyed the movie. You see, your son and daughter (I assume their gender, since their hair was of equal lengths and they were not old enough for their voices to have changed) kicked my seat, and that of my husband, approximately 847 times within a 2 1/2 hour period. They also got up to use the bathroom (leaning heavily on the back of our seats on their way to and from, causing us to be pushed forward and then fall back very quickly) approximately 22 times. You are lucky I don't have whiplash. In addition, they pushed their feet against the back of our chairs, shoving us forward, about 456 times. Not to even mention the fact that they talked throughout the entire movie, since they were all too young to understand quite a bit of what happened.

I support you in your endeavors to throw birth control out the window and overpopulate America with rude and inconsiderate children. Really, it's your right. But perhaps next time you decide to blow a hundred bucks and take all seven spoiled rotten brats to the movies, you could sit near them. Or perhaps, though this is novel, you could take them to an age-appropriate film, so all the other eight-to-eleven year olds could kick the back of your seats and see how much you enjoy it.

Thanks a lot for ruining not only a movie my husband has been waiting over a year to see, but the first night we've had out alone in a very long time. My only solace is that it will be a cold day in hell before you and Mrs. Fertility get any time to yourselves. And you deserve it. Next time take the hundred bucks and buy your kids some fucking manners.

Jackie Joy

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Reward Systems.

I have a little spending problem. I have had it for a long, long time, and while we are not exactly in dire financial straits, it would probably be a good idea for me to get ahold of myself already!

My hours have been cut drastically at work, which makes me very pissy, but since I am a wimp of the highest degree I haven't even bothered to try and find someplace new. I don't really feel like having to train a whole new set of people to worship my wealth of knowledge, and since I'd be new, I wouldn't really have that wealth of knowledge to begin with, and where does that leave us? Oh, yeah, still in retail hell.

I spend more than I make, fascilitated by my loving and indulgent husband, and I must. stop. now. So I have created sort of a diary/sticker chart wherein I log how many hours I work each day, and how much money I spent that day. And I get little plus-and-minus signs next to things. So, yesterday I brought my lunch (plus sign!) but I bought an iced coffee for $1.43 (minus sign) but we ate dinner at home (plus sign!) but I bought six Agatha Christie books on Ebay (only $5.75, but still, minus sign!)

You get the idea. I have the self control of a five year old.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Sleep Deprived

We took Leila to the doctor on Wednesday for the big one-year checkup. Her doctor looked like Einstein and patronized us in a way that made me feel a little homicidal.

We told him how Leila does not sleep, nay, barely thinks of sleeping, and he informed us that she has "trained" us (we are German Shepards, you know) to entertain her at night. Which, I don't know that beating her on the back really constitutes entertainment, but whatever. He then gave us a little routine to perform in the future which basically involves letting her (gasp!) cry it out. So I told him that was all well and good but she will cry until she throws up. At this point he informed us that with his third child, he told his wife to let the baby sleep in it.


"Sure, it stinks," he said, but at this point I had totally tuned him out. Let her sleep in her own vomit? Have you lost your everloving mind?! I may be a horrible mommy who didn't breastfeed and smacks Leila's bottom and yes, I get really, really irritated when she crawls inside the dishwasher but I really must draw the line at letting her sleep in a pool of rancid puke.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Birthday Time

My child doesn't sleep through the night, but I love her anyway.
She sleeps for about three hours, and then wakes up crying inconsolably. The Husband is a good consoler-type, normally, but the more I "help" in the middle of the night the less he appreciates having to console. So I'm half-asleep and I hear the loudest "THUMP"s you can possibly imagine (the sound of him bea-- uh, patting her to dea-- I mean sleep, and then quiet, and he sneaks back into the bedroom, and then FIFTEEN GODFORSAKEN MINUTES LATER we both hear the squall to end all squalls. And then we kill ourselves. And so on for the remainder of the evening, until between three and five, when she sleeps, and then wakes us up with another scream.
At this point we are normally too tired to deal with the whole rocking-chair thing, and we just bring her in our tiny, tiny bed and sleep in ten-minute intervals until my alarm goes off.

And if you do not have children or you have children and infinite patience or if you are insane you are blabbing, "You have to sleep with the baby sleeps." Hey, sure, okay, I'll just shut off my brain and drop right off while she sleeps for like, I don't know, TEN MINUTES? Because here's the thing: If I am awake, and not getting anything constructive done, she will sleep for two hours. If I am sleeping, doing the dishes, scrapbooking, folding laundry, etc...she will sleep for approximately the amount of time it takes me to become immersed in my task, or, you know, almost asleep. And that's if I am home, which I am not four days a week, because I have a job so I remember how to act in polite society.

But I still love her. During the day she is the most cheerful, funny, exited, exuberant baby. She is the cutest thing in the world, except for when she whines. Or disobeys. Stuff like that. She is also whip-smart. Just when I think I've finally had it with her she will run over to me and clap her fat little hands and laugh right in my face, and I have to squeeze her, because she is so cute she's positively edible.

She is one year old today.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Best Pizza Recipe Ever!

You will need:
1 carton grape tomatoes, ripe
1 pizza crust
dash italian seasoning
dash garlic salt
1 large garlic clove
1 cup mozz. or cheddar cheese
1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1 package turkey pepperoni

On a large cutting board, mince the garlic. On top of the garlic, slice grape tomatoes. When finished, add dash of italian seasoning and garlic salt, and roughly chop the entire mixture again until well mixed but still chunky.

Sprinkle mixture over pizza crust, then cover with mozz. cheese. Layer mushrooms, then parm. cheese, then more mozz. End with pepperoni dusted with parm. cheese and crushed red peppers. Bake for eight to ten minutes at 450.

Book Buying Binge

You will soon discover that I am a shopaholic, though I am trying very, very hard to mend my ways. I am letting loose on one thing though--for the longest time I never bought books. I read so quickly that I tend to consider it a waste of money. (Yet I'll drop nearly five bucks for a few minutes of caramel macchiato-induced bliss.) But lately I've decided that classics or books by my favorite authors are worth it.

I also had the delusion that I would buy only hardcover books for Leila (who is currently a year old and obviously has no appreciation of the library I'm building for her) so that they would last and be beautiful...but I decided to follow my mom's example and just have as many books around as possible, and hope for the best. Some books, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, I plan on buying in hardcover, but I bought several paperbacks the other day, and here they are:

Lois Lowry: The Giver
Agatha Christie: After the Funeral
(think I have read this one before under another title, as I've read most of her books, but can't remember who killed them, so it's fine!)
Louise Fitzhugh: Harriet the Spy
Katherine Paterson: Bridge to Terabithia
Jane Yolen: The Devil's Arithmetic (
previous three are classics from my childhood, all affected me deeply)
M.T. Anderson: feed
John Connolly: Bad Men
Harlan Coben: Backspin (although his novels are all remarkably similar, they're hilarious and touching)

Let's just not mention the five glossy magazines I read while at B&N yesterday. Pure trash, but I loved every moment of it.

Entry the First.

I was always one of those kids who started out with a shiny new journal, scribbled maybe five entries, and then forgot about the damn thing. I have the same problem with my blogs. I create a lovely username. I put a few thoughtful posts in. And then...nothing. I get busy. I forget the password or username (or both) and then say, "Screw it."

In addition to all of that senility, I have trouble finding a blogging style. I feel like it needs to be profound or funny or deeply interesting, and I'm really none of those things.

All I'm saying is, don't get attached, but I am going to try my damndest to keep up with this one, and chronicle my new adventures in...adulthood. Being a stay-at-home Mom, budgeting, cooking, dealing with in-laws from Hell, and of course, filling you in on the loveliest places to shop, eat, and see in this here lovely town.

DC, that is.