Monday, September 12, 2005

A whole new blog.

After discovering the wonderful Lipstick Is My Crack I realize that it was all I had been looking for in a fashion/makeup/vanity blog, and exactly what I had wanted to do, without knowing just exactly what I wanted to do. I have decided to emulate Her Badgerness, along with several other blogs I peruse on a daily basis. I have also (thanks to my good friend Lucas) finally figured out how to hotlink, so I will be giving credit where credit is due, not to worry!

Now, I am by no means a fashion expert. However, I do have a pretty decent sense of style, a long-running career in retail, and a love of makeup and hair products along with the usual clothes, shoes, handbags obsession. Plus I like to talk.

In addition, I am trying to help myself out here. I am a young mom, and I've been having some health problems lately that have led to depression and general schlumpiness. I have high hopes that by forcing myself to document certain things, I will be more likely to follow a new regimen of taking better care of myself.

So, future posts will look something like this:
My Face: (wherein I shall have a brief description of makeup and/or skincare products.)
What I Wore: (wherein I shall have the brand and a brief description of my clothes and accessories.)
What I Did: (wherein I shall discuss the business or boringness of my daily activities.)
Spendy: (wherein I shall discuss what I bought and how much it cost my poor, piddly bank account)
The Mailman Hates Me: (because he always has to walk up to the door to deliver my packages, and here I'll tell you what was in them.)
Rants and Raves: (wherein I shall discuss any ole thing that is irritating me and/or making me happy, and I promise that most of the time it will be directly related to consumerism.) I go!

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