Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Let's just pretend...

Let's just pretend that every post I write was actually written the night before, instead of lazily collapsing into bed without washing my face. (Because I would never do that. No, really, I am a face-washing fiend.)

So, yesterday was not the best day to start documenting my fashion prowess, but to be true to the new and improved spirit of my blog, I shall post it anyway. That was kind of the point, anyway, that I should dress up and take care of myself so that I wouldn't be ashamed to post about my clothes/makeup/spending.

My Face:
~ Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Porcelain Ivory
~ELF Cream Blush (actually, I don't know the technical name of this blush OR what shade it is. It comes in a little tube, very creamy, in an awesome pinky-peach.) (For ONE DOLLAR, ya'all!)
~Ulta Contour Lip Pencil in Rose
~Cover Girl Wetslicks in Shimmershell
~Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer in Sierra Glaze (brushed very lightly over lower lids)
~Clinique Pore Minimizer/T-zone Shine Control (just on my nose)
~Max Factor Volume and Lift Mascara in Rich Black

What I Wore:

~l/s heather gray "Perfect Fit" tee, Old Navy
~ dark wash denim wide-legged capris, NY & Co
~ black flip-flops with rhinestone studs on straps, Payless
~wedding set (engagement ring with three princess-cut diamonds, wedding bands with channel-set diamonds, alternating princess and baguette. White gold.)
~ Large cream canvas tote with red leather straps and piping, Things Remembered (bridesmaid gift from my girlfriend Shannon, who just got married.)

What I Did:

~MRI scan in the morning
~Starbucks and Trader Joe's on the way home
~cleaned, made dinner, and baked M&M cookies


5.00 at Starbucks, venti iced Caramel Machiatto, extra caramel, extra ice, and a little chocolate-covered caramel.
~$12.07 at Trader Joe's; triple cream brie, baguette, Orangina, dried apricots, frosted Pop-Tarts

The Mailman Doesn't Hate Me Today.

Rants and Raves:

~If you haven't checked out the ELF website yet, you are not a true product junkie. I'm short on time so I won't hotlink it, bit's the triple-w-ELF.com.

~I. Love. Trader. Joe's. I even managed to convince my husband we should start doing all of our food shopping there. I had never really absorbed the fact that the prices are so astoundingly cheap next to stores like Whole Foods and Eatzi's. Whole Foods has a better Health and Beauty section but for good eats, I plan to go the Trader Joe's route. The brie I bought was the best I've ever had, and it was $4.12!!! A big bottle of Orangina (tasty orange soda) was $1.79!! At Eatzi's, that same bottle was $3.99!

~The new Banana Republic website rocks. I am very pleased. I love how it shows you right away that things are sold out in your size, instead of getting your hopes all up. I will be purchasing the merino sweater coat for $78 in the light tan color, I believe. Or maybe the "city brown". Or maybe both!

~Clinique Pore Minimizer and Shine Control, mini-review. It's about $13 for a small tube (think Clearasil-sized) and I feel, definitely, that it makes the huge pores on my nose look smaller, as well as putting a damper on the shine. But don't expect a totally matte look--it keeps you from looking greasy, but you still have a faint "glow", and it most definitely is not an all-day-long product.

That's all for today, but I do have to work tonight, so my outfit, etc, will be much improved for tomorrow's post!

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