Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What I Wore:

~chocolate brown l/s Old Navy "perfect fit" tee
~wide-legged NY&Co denim capris, dark wash
~ blue-and-white Aasics cross-trainers (still shiny and new looking!)
~Gap Blue for Women

My Face:

not a darn thing, not even sunscreen

What I Did:

~browsed at Borders
~ worked 10-4, leaving early 'cause I got sick


a coffee and a soda at the Coffee Beanery, $2.50
~ Good Housekeeping and Shop, Etc, an adorable postcard with a picture of cheese with hearts carved in it, and fat crayons for Leila to experiment with in her high chair only!!

The Mailman Doesn't Hate Me Today.

Rants and Raves:

I complained (something I never do) at Borders today because there was a manager berating an employee on the floor, and she did not stop, nay, did not even look up when I came upstairs to shop, and I heard the entire conversation, and it was very uncomfortable and crappy and I was mad. So I wrote a little complaint card out. I didn't want to have a confrontation, I just wanted to make the woman aware of how freaking tacky it is to have those sorts of conversations on the shop floor.

~Why is the receptionist at my doctor's office so freaking rude? She can't ever seem to connect me to the person I need to speak to without some sort of nasty, snippy comment.

~Shout-out to France! :-) A great co-worker and gal pal, who drove me home today when I started feeling ill. I love it when you meet great people at work, and get to spend time with them. France and my other girlfriend, Joy, are absolutely hilarious, and if nothing else, I'm thankful for my job because it helped me find some friends who find the same ridiculous things funny as I do!

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