Saturday, September 17, 2005


I am totally not posting about yesterday, because it sucked. But I did get some nummy sushi and I bought a few cute things for Leila in the eventide, which I will list below with today's purchases.

So, today:

What I Wore:

~a l/s button-up oxford, white, with really gorgeous shades of pink, mauve, burgundy, and lavender pinstriped, plus two little tiny teeny stripes of ruffles on either side of the buttons. Ann Taylor. Totally adorable, I own it in green/lavender stripes too.
~grey flat-front dress pants, NY & Co
~ freaking adorable black kitten-heeled shoes with a squared-off toe and a little flap and tassel on the end, Ann Taylor
(We had a fashion show at work today, so I actually got to wear several adorable Ann Taylor outfits, the descriptions of which would take a hundred years. So when I actually buy and wear them, I'll describe them.)
~Clinique Simply

My Face:

~Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation in Porcelain Ivory
~L'oreal True Match Powder, Warm/ Porcelain
~Rimmel Blush in Pink Rose
~Pur Minerals Lip Gloss in Rose Zircon (love this!)
~France did my eyes for the fashion show, which looked awesome, but I have no idea what she used
~Max Factor Volume and Lift Mascara in Rich Black

What I Did:

~totally overslept
~Worked 8-2, fashion show at 8
~did a bit of grocery shopping at Trader Joe's
~Target run
~browsed Gap and Lord and Taylor


~anniversary gift for Feroze at Gap, green shirt with cream pinstripe, button down, so cute! $30
~(yesterday) $25 at Gymboree: 1 cream colored l/s onesie with burgundy and lavender embroidered flowers, 1 cream colored s/s onesie for next summer with ALOHA embroidered on it, one pair purple socks with burgundy ruffle, one pair purple barrettes with burgundy rose, both matching l/s onesie. Also a burgundy s/s shirt with a satin bow in one corner, also matching the barrettes and socks.
~shoes I wore today, bought at Ann Taylor, $29.99
~assorted barrettes and headbands at Target, Target brand eye makeup remover, Queen Helene Julep Mint Face Mask (recommended by Badger, I believe), knee-high panty hose, assorted sundries for house (Feroze paid for this, came to about $50)

The Mailman Hates Me:

~Parenting Magazine, which, don't kill me, I kind of enjoy it, though some of the people are insane and judge-y, I just ignore them. I have in laws. I'm good at that.

Rants and Raves:

~Okay, my product purchases. I just used the eye makeup remover and it worked okay. Got most of the gunk from the fashion show off, and my Clearasil Continuous Clean face wash got the rest off. Then I did the Queen Helene and my face feels soft but a little sting-y. I finished up with Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizer and I'm hoping for soft, glowy skin in the morning!

~Leila is going to look SO DARLING in the clothes I bought her from Gymboree! I love that store with a passion but it is heinously expensive. I spend more on her clothes than my own. She just needs a little denim skirt to wear it with, but they didn't have the one that matched it in her size. I'm off to peruse the website.

~Got a 25% off Friends and Family card from Coach. I've never bought anything there before, but will post a link to what I am going to purchase for my very first Coach bag!

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