Friday, September 30, 2005

Spendy McBleedsMoney

I have recently purchased the following items:

~Ann Taylor Lindsay Waist Pants such as this model is wearing. Now, I work at Ann Taylor, and therefore I am slightly biased, but I am an honest person and would not lie to you: I. Love. These. Pants. They fit me like they were MADE for my J.Lo but and Mom hips, and manage to cut me so that the little rounding under my belly isn't quite so obvious. As soon as I tried them on I knew I would have to purchase them. I swear, if you are a shopaholic, it is not good to work in a store--think about it. If you would happily pay full price for the merchandise, you can buy almost TWICE as much with a discount! And I do, ladies. I do.

~A whole load of clothing for Leila. I am not sure if I have mentioned yet that she is fifteen months old. She seems to wear a different size at every store I buy from. I have added details that make shopping for clothing for her difficult, (another post, another day) then pile on top of that the fact that I am a true bargain hunter, and you will see why I was so proud of myself. She got four shirts from The Children's Place for $3.99 each. They are long sleeved and have a tiny ruffle with two little bows on it at the collar. Too cute! To match I bought two little corduroy skirts as well, for $5.99 each. At Gymboree I spent about $20.00 on a pair of pants and accessories, including an adorable little hat. She wore one of the outfits the other day and got complimented in every place we went to.

~At Target I bought roll-waist yoga pants in dark gray for $16.99 and three long-sleeved cotton tees in a prewashed fabric. They are very thin. Two have v-necks and are nice enough for work when paired with dressy pants. I got emerald green, pink, and light blue, the last of which I am wearing today.

~Three Agatha Christie books from Borders: Third Girl, Sad Cypress, and The Harlequin Tea Set. I was very excited because I'd never read the last two before and I devoured them yesterday afternoon after work.


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