Friday, October 21, 2005

Black is the new black.

So I spent a little money at work this week.

I've mentioned my love for the Lindsay-fit pants before, and I picked up these little beauties, which fit me PERFECTLY and broke in exactly the right place (with heels) over my cute new pumps. The pants are a lovely wool crepe and have the most beautiful drape. The pumps are in black rather than bordeaux, though I considered buying both because the toe looks divine under my pants.

I picked up this sweater in black rather than honey. You can't really see the adorable detailing around the neck, but it's very elegant! I also picked up this one in black as well.

I was stunned to see how good I look in head-to-toe black. So I am trying to limit myself for the next few weeks/months to buying only black and assembling a wardrobe of classic black pieces.

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