Friday, November 04, 2005


Leila took her pants off today.
I realize this is an abrupt change from my normal shallow and vapid posting, but ya'all, this is BIG. You know why this is big?
Because Montessori says that once a child can get their pants off, it's time to be pottytrained.

She is sixteen months old, guys.
She is a prodigy in my eyes, of course, but she did start walking at ten months. She knows tons of words and routinely scares us with how quickly she catches on to things.
But I am in NO WAY ready to try to potty train this child. Isn't she supposed to, like, TALK IN SENTENCES first or something? She still won't directly ask for milk or food, how is she going to tell me she went potty?!
I am a wreck. She has been sick all week and whining nonstop and I feel like killing her. I had to leave a party early tonight because I knew the husband couldn't handle her...I came down stairs and he immediately passed out in the bed while I tried to both scrub the sink and deal with her in-freaking-cessant WHINING. My only consolation is that soon the meds will kick in and offer sweet, sweet, silence.

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