Friday, November 18, 2005

Know what's fun?

Being on MySpace, looking at the people from your high school group. Keep in mind, my high school was tiny--I knew everyone I graduated with and most of the kids in the other classes too. Not to say they were all my friends, I just knew them.
Now, five years later, as I look at profiles and such, I have the following reactions:
1) Who the hell is THAT?
2) Whoa.
3) YOU want to be my friend? I have not ONE PLEASANT MEMORY that involves you.
4) You live...where?
5) Wow, you look the same.
6) Wow, you look different.
7) You'

For the last, you have to wonder. I mean, everyone knows that girls love to put "bi" on their net profiles to seem "sexy," which, whatever. But you know, being from a small town in Arkansas, bi isn't so much sexy as cause for ostracizing that person...and so, mouth hanging open, I'm all...what?

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