Friday, November 11, 2005


I don't want to like it.

But I do.
I just love the purples. With the textures. And the leopard. Something about it is just so appealing...I want to touch it. (Does appealling have one L or two? Did I spell leopard right? I am so high on cold and pain meds that I'm falling asleep at the computer. Why am I still here?)

I think that after I get a couple of paychecks with my brand-new raise, I will reward myself with a Coach bag. Finally. Maybe not that one...but one. Maybe. I'm not really a big fan of the logo print--it sort of screams, "Look at me! Carrying a Coach bag! See! Coach bag! Me! I routinely waste money on this sort of thing!" But I can't really judge because I would totally spend the money on at least ONE new one every year, were I in a position to do so...but still, I prefer the leather bags, but they are much more expensive. I love the suede ones, especially the purple...but suede is hard to take care of and other dark dyed suede tends to rub off on your clothes.

Despite my non-love of the logo...I do like this a lot...but my baby is not really baby enough for that.

Maybe I will get Dooney and Burke instead.

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