Friday, November 11, 2005

I'b thick. ~sniff~

I am soooooooo sick today, ya'all. Everyone and their dog has this strange laryngitis/cold virus and guess what? My turn! I am so tired. Feroze lovingly let me sleep in till ten, then I took another nap at three. I can't taste much and I'm not hungry...also, did I mention the tired? Very tired. I'm also on painkillers for that Thing We Don't Talk About Here because it's taken over my life and I really want to make an effort not to whine about it all the time, so with my tired napping I get psychotic nightmares about being a horrible person who everyone thinks is...horrible. Descriptive powers not really up to par today.

Buuuuuuuuut I did shop a bit yesterday. Nothing too exciting. I bought Turkey Gravy Base and Foccacia Croutons from Williams Sonoma for an obscene price but you guys? That turkey gravy is SO GOOD. Tastes BETTER than homemade. Also walked around the store snorting a little bit at the prices. Seriously, it's pretty, but the day I pay $35 for a muffin tin is the day my husband buries me under the fig tree.
I bought Wallflowers Refills from Bath and Body works on Tuesday. Witness marketing ploys sway me: I went in there to spend $15 on something, anything, so that I could get the antibacterial soap for $2. Finally I picked up a Wallflower refill in Kitchen Spice. Then the girl said, "Do you want to get two? They're two for $20!" So I did. THEN yesterday I went back in for hand repair cream, because my hands were so dry they itched. Saw that the wallflowers were now on sale for $6 apiece. Growled, bought an extra for the study AND another refill. AND the hand cream in black rasberry vanilla. (which is what I got the soap in the previous day) AND I bought another soap (for my house) in Kitchen Spice, because that stuff smells SO GOOD. Witness: my sister in law and her friend called down the stairs for Leila, and then asked me what I was cooking. Me: "teriaki chicken," Them: "No, no, what are you BAKING?" Uh, nothing...Kitchen Spice wallflower strikes!
Also bought a couple of cards of cheapie stud earrings at Claire's.
Then...the bestest of all...Gift time at Lancome! I bought the Dual Finish Versatile Powder in Matte Clair II, and it came with a cute tartan plaid tote, matching makeup bag, two anti-wrinkle creams (hi, I'm 23, ya'all.) Definicils mascara, an Eyecolour Quad in "4Radiance", and Le Rouge Absolu in Rose Crystal lipcolour. The lipstick is AWESOME. Super creamy and a gorgeous color. The eyecolour is actually not as awesome, one of the colors I can't wear at all, the others are pretty much repeats of colors I already have. But I will try them and see if they are superior to my Smashbox pallette in the same shades. The thing is, the eye quad in the color scheme I liked came with a bad lipstick, and the good lipstick came with this quad. I actually told her to give me the other, but she gave me this one, but I love the lipstick so much I don't care!

Wow. Okay. Shutting up now. I leave you with some awesome dresses from Anthropologie.



reminds me of Hawaii

vaguely Roman, without being overplayed

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