Monday, December 05, 2005

Presents for all!

Via the very funny Miss Doxie I found these candles and ordered 4 of the Cinnabun tins for gifties. Through there I discovered these soaps and now I feel compelled to order 4 soaps to go with my 4 candles for a grand total of around $40 for three gift sets and a little something for myself. Which I know isn't bad. But still, with all the shopping I've done today I feel like I should wait until next weekend, except I can't, because the soap site closes the 9th! Such decisions!
Anyway, over at Miss Doxie's there are about a million gift ideas for under $10 and it's about the smartest idea I've seen in awhile, so head over and browse. There are coupons, too!

1 comment:

blackbird said...

candles...and soap...
what could be better!

and it is so hard to resist something for the shopper herself...