Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Makeup-y Goodness.

Lest you think I have lost sight of the origins of this blog, I shall now rave about eyeliner:
Exaggerate Rimmel Full Colour Eye Definer is the awesomest eyeliner in the whole wide world. I have Estee Lauder eyeliner. I have those stupid Styli-style eyeliners all the magazines talk about. I have other types of Rimmel eyeliners and an Ulta eyeliner, etc, etc, but this is the FIRST eyeliner I have been able to apply correctly! It goes on very smoothly, and WOW, I never realized what a difference eyeliner makes in looking "done." I have it in sable and plan to purchase it in black and possibly a shade of purple. It really makes my eyes stand out and it lasts all day. (At least, on my top lid, which is the only place I use it.)
Thank. God.
Also I have recently rediscovered my curling iron--as my hair is finally long enough to use it--and I don't care what anyone says about straightening irons--I'll take my wide-barrelled curling iron for straightness and body any day. I am feeling good about myself the past few days...I just need to get on the ball about this gym thing!


Slacker Mom said...

do you get that eyeliner at Sephora? I do need a new one.

Your baby is adorable, I just love kids in jammies.

littlemissme said...

Sephora has more expensive eyeliner...Urban Decay has a good one that they carry. You might try it!
And thanks. We like her. :-D