Monday, December 12, 2005


I received my candles from Beccalights and they are so delicious. Seriously. If you've been spending your wad on Yankee Candle Company or somesuch mess, you need to get on over to this website and buy some Cinnabun or possibly Baked Bread.
Within fifteen minutes of opening the box and inhaling the yummy goodness, Leila had yanked a candle down, dug her little fingernails into it and was trying to figure out why it didn't taste good. (Kind of like when she eats the wrappers from Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.) Sooo I chalked that one up to ruined and lit it and OH. MY. GOD. I must make cinnamon rolls forthwith! The smell, she is overwhelming.
Ahem. So then I had to order another candle since these are presents, and then I also ordered some lip balm to add to the package and this time, having learned my lessson, I ordered an extra one for myself, PLUS six samples. I now have to get a tartwarmer thing.
France did not kill me for posting about her little...episode...and in fact I think she boosted my visits quite a bit. So we still love each other and can go shopping at Ulta for five times the points! Yay!
I think I am intoxicated by the scent of my candle because this was supposed to be a cranky post. I am sick and Leila is sick and my husband is grumpy and trying to decide whether or not to change jobs and the sky is threatening snow but not actually snowing...but who can complain when they have grilled cheese and Cinnabun candles? Not me!

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