Monday, December 26, 2005

Attack of the Mommy

My kid is a freakin' prodigy, ya'all.
My mom sent two cabbage patch dolls for Christmas. Leila was so excited about the "baby" one and she has been on-and-off lavishing it with attention.
Now, I have to confess that from time to time I freak out and think that her vocabulary isn't big enough and we should enroll her in speech therapy posthaste because she's smart enough and by God, she should be stringing together fairy tales at this point!
That is the Crazy in me. I try to ignore it.
But watching her with this doll really brings it home to me exactly how smart she is. At eighteen months old, she covers the baby with a blanket, offers it her bottle, tells it "Night night" and pats its back.
Then, before I get too overcome with the Cute, she throws it off of the bed for a better position on her pillow.


Slacker Mom said...

Gotta love the things that toddlers do.

I don't remember, what do you have for children?

My son is as smart as a whip, very clever boy. At 23 months, I asked for him to have his speech tested, and he did qualify for help. It has been fabulous. He has made such enormous strides since we started him 6 months ago, he will be all set by the time he goes to school.

I need to go to bed, believe it or not, I have to have a Christmas dinner tomorrow, for the 4th time.

I am really not in the mood. :)

littlemissme said...

Just the one baby girl, Leila, 18 months. I think that's what you were asking by "What do you have for children?" :-)
Good luck--I barely managed the one Christmas dinner, I shudder to think of four!