Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Temper Tantrum Fairy

Here at Casa Joy, the holidays are a bit...fraught. With, uh, tension and stuff. My husband is Muslim and therefore Christmas seems like Satan's playground, and I'm Christian and was raised a firm believer in...a lot of things that he finds appalling.
After two years of abject misery, I put my foot down. THIS YEAR, I commanded, there would be presents, and a special meal, and much merriment, AND YOU WILL ENJOY IT.
Eleventy hundred jillion tearful scenes later, we had our plan: we'd open presents Christmas Eve. We would refer to said holiday as "Festivus" (or in my case, the Holiday That Shall Not Be Named) On Christmas Day Proper, I would make my famous veggie lasagna and we would chill all day, eating Pepperidge Farms cheese and generally living the high life.
If you have known me for any length of time and I have ever bought you a present, you totally know what happened next.
We opened our presents (such as we had bought so far) tonight. Because we are pitiful. And also, I have no self control.
I got Miss Dior Cherie, which I had been begging for for MONTHS. It came from Neiman's in a pretty gold box and I was sooooo excited I almost peed my pants. I also got pajamas and earphones for my iPod and some as-yet-unnamed present. My husband wasn't content with just the parfum, so he bought the lotion too...which I never would have asked for because I know that I will not use the lotion because the lotions that come with perfumes are always watery. However when I am wearing my pajamas and flittering about the house very excited about my awesome new scent, the lotion seemed just the thing to wear!
I think I will refer to my husband as John. It amuses me, because his real name is pretty unusual. I don't mind having mine and Leila's names on here, as lots of people are named these names...but not so many people are named his name and I'd rather prospective employers not have their first impressions of him be that his wife is a spendaholic. And crazy.
John got some good gifts...a NIN t-shirt from the "With Teeth" tour, a box of fancy dark chocolate, a UM Terps hat, and a book of Batman comics, something like Batman does Japan.
Leila received some dress up shoes, a play camera, play cell phone, a Hello Kitty purse, and a little plus carrying case with a tiny little plush cat and mouse and their accessories. Her favorite gift, though, was a My Little Pony ornament, which she ran around with, screaming, "Bah! Bahll! BahBall!" She loves to play with my purse, shoes, camera and cell phone, so I thought these were good ideas...however, the Temper Tantrum Fairy visited during the gift giving...and John and I realized it was eight o clock and she hadn't eaten...

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