Friday, June 24, 2005

Sleep Deprived

We took Leila to the doctor on Wednesday for the big one-year checkup. Her doctor looked like Einstein and patronized us in a way that made me feel a little homicidal.

We told him how Leila does not sleep, nay, barely thinks of sleeping, and he informed us that she has "trained" us (we are German Shepards, you know) to entertain her at night. Which, I don't know that beating her on the back really constitutes entertainment, but whatever. He then gave us a little routine to perform in the future which basically involves letting her (gasp!) cry it out. So I told him that was all well and good but she will cry until she throws up. At this point he informed us that with his third child, he told his wife to let the baby sleep in it.


"Sure, it stinks," he said, but at this point I had totally tuned him out. Let her sleep in her own vomit? Have you lost your everloving mind?! I may be a horrible mommy who didn't breastfeed and smacks Leila's bottom and yes, I get really, really irritated when she crawls inside the dishwasher but I really must draw the line at letting her sleep in a pool of rancid puke.

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