Sunday, March 05, 2006

Various updates, rambling, and what I did on my weekend off.

I am such a stellar housewife. All the pillows have pillowcases on them for the first time in months. Our bed and the crib are made up. We moved the futon back into couch position and put a blanket and pillow on it to make it more comfy. And I cooked a wonderful dinner of baby bok choy/steak/veggie stir fry stuff.
What do you MEAN you do that stuff every day? Do I look like superwoman to you? Sheesh.
My visit to the pain clinic was good. The doctor was very nice, and besides sending me home with Lidocaine patches, a new antidepressant, and Percocet, he ordered an MRI for me because there's a possibility that I have a back issue or a nerve tangled in my scar tissue--two things no one had thought of before. The Lidocaine patches work really well, except for the fact that they are constantly coming unstuck, which is a problem. They cost $60 for a box of thirty, which is kind of a lot for me to have to replace one just because it got stuck to itself instead of my skin. I go back on my birthday to review the MRI and see what's working so I'm hoping his gift to me will be, "Oh, look, it's just a simple back problem! We'll fix that with one tweak!" (Of course, that won't happen, since the pain is in my back and my groin, so at the least there has to be some sort of nerve affected. L1 or something like that, he said, wraps around from your lower back to your groin and therefore ostensibly could be the cause of my problem, not scar tissue.)
Yesterday we went to Tyson's Corner (huge mall in Northern VA) with a girl Feroze works with, Angelica. She's a young little thing who works way too hard and really needed a "fun day"--so I gave her a makeover at Sephora and induced her to spend quite a bit on makeup, and it was a lot of fun. All I bought were some cute panties from Gap Body, but I found an awesome glitter eyeliner by Lorac that I will certainly be purchasing in every color as soon as I get a chance. After we were done there, we went over to the Galleria, which is a boutique mall filled with chichi little shops, and a Saks and Neiman Marcus. I'd had my eye on a charm bracelet with little shoe charms for my birthday, but the price was waaaaaaaaay higher than I'd imagined. I was really disappointed, which surprised me. I almost wanted to cry. Hopefully I can find some sort of knock off.
I did end up buying some amazing stuff from L'Occitane, their new "Mom and Baby Balm"--it is fantastic. It's got the consistency of lard, which is kind of funny, a very smooth, waxy feel, unscented, and color free, it is sooo soft and Leila loves it. I've been applying it to her cheeks all day, and she just leans into my hand and grins and says, "Ooooooh." Both of us have incredibly dry skin. Mine has been itchy and flaky and all kinds of gross lately. The other day, in a fit of desperation, I applied Vaseline to my entire body, and then threw on a light t-shirt and socks and prayed for relief. It worked. I showered and exfoliated and shaved first, which I was afraid would exacerbate the problem but instead it helped, because the Vaseline could penetrate my skin with no blockage from dead skin or hair. I've also been applying it to my lips because once again I've lost every chapstick I own, and lip gloss just isn't cutting it.
I also put the Balm all over Leila's dry little feet and then put her socks on...when I changed her into her pjs her feet were as soft as can be. Since she usually fights me like an angry cat when I try to put Vaseline on her, this balm is a winner. It was $20 for a little jar, but I'm already wishing I'd bought the big one despite the price.
I keep forgetting that I bought a few things from Clinique before I imposed the no-makeup rule, so soon I will post about that and I am still trying to decide whether or not to post about something rather serious that's happened recently...the problem with having people you know and love read your blog is that, well, they know the other people you know, and sometimes just wanting to talk about an issue becomes akin to gossip.
Oh! And despite my non-Catholicism (and apparent ignorance thereof) I decided to give something up for Lent. I couldn't think of anything I could bear to be without in my current fragile state--caffiene, refined sugar, and computer time were the usual suspects. Finally I realized that there is a habit I've been wanting to break anyway--cussing. I cuss like a sailor, and it is both unbecoming and something that could potentially cause problems for Leila. So I have given it up, and I am doing okay so far, only a few slips. I am also bothering Feroze about the whole thing too, so hopefully by the time Easter rolls around we will both be much improved.
Hope that you all are doing equally well with your fasts!


starshine said...

Acceptable cussing is as follows:
muddy fudder, crapture and dictator (pushing it really), sugar crumbs, shiitake (mushrooms can be added in or not), and if you slip up by using the Lord's name in vain, finish it off as a prayer. Ex: JESUS CHRIST! our savior! or GOD!....loves us all!

littlemissme said...

Good plan! Except...crap is NOT a cussword.

neuroticmommy said...

I gave up cussing when I was pregnant with Katriana because I heard this little boy saying the f-word to his mother in Wal-mart. I about died! Cured me instantly, but lately I've been falling back on old habits :( As for your chapped lips, have you tried burt's bees, beeswax lip balm? I have vicious chapped lips and I had given up on chapstick, so I picked some of that up at Walgreen's, I think it was 2.49 and it worked immediately. Only took a couple of applications and my lips were feeling pretty again! Avon also has something that's a plumping lip conditioner with retinol and spf 15, not sure if it works, but it might help. It's 8.00.