Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Randomness

Law and Order is on my television. I don't even know what flavor of it I'm watching. (There's, let's see, Criminal Intent, Beef Flavor, Plain, with garlic...)
Leila just asked me, very nervously, if I should be watching this bad show. Perhaps some Dora the Explorer or Disney branded mess o' colors would be more appropriate for the the stinker.
Ugh, Dora, how I hate you. Let me count the ways. I hate your perky voice, and your random words o' Espanol. I hate your many, many, plastic products.
The problem is, when you have a smallish child, people randomly give them gifts. And these gifts are not the things you would actually purchase for your child. So, even though I encourage a Montessori lifestyle for my child with the sorts of playthings that relate to real life, somehow she ends up with random Dora the Explorer lunchboxes and plastic blocks with cartoon animals.
It's hard to say something about it, though, when I'm the hypocrite who buys her Barbie dolls. I can't help it, though! I grew up on Barbies! My Barbies had sordid love lives, always cheating on Ken dolls, having babies, wearing stylish duds.
(This episode of Law and Order is a crazy amount of stupid.)
Anyway, I loved me some Barbies. I played with them way past an age when I should've moved on. And though Barbies seem much more tarty now, (I affectionately refer to one of them as "Fallen Swan Barbie" in a very genteel manner.) I can't help but buy them. Even at three Leila embroils them in immensely complex interactions.
I figure it evens out, since she doesn't own anything with a Disney brand name (including clothing. Winnie the Pooh makes me shudder.) and we don't watch a lot of cartoons.
But if she starts wearing miniskirts and glitter lipstick, you all know who to blame.

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