Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How I Shop (Or: Welcome Back to Topic Town)

I love to shop. It is a huge deal to me. (No pun intended.) I simply enjoy the smell of new clothes, fondling them, touching new makeup and fantasizing about how it would look on me...god, I love to shop. I rarely buy full price, working for a major retailer helps out with that, but being a bargain hunter also plays a big role. I like to go by myself, so I can take my time, but I also feel awkward in smaller shops with every person breathing down my neck.

How I choose to spend my money: Makeup, shoes, clothing, books, sushi, and the biggest expense: Leila. Her clothes, her shoes, her books, her toys. More than anything clothes and BOOKS. We like books at our house.

I wish I spent less money on: Coffee. I drink so much coffee they should have to peel me off the ceiling, but it really barely affects me. Getting up so early I have my first latte around 8, and then another around eleven. I don't have any after that so I can go to bed super early.

Speaking of bed, I am super sleepy. I think I am going to go rest my tired, sore body and chastise myself for being a spendy, spendy type of girl. You'll forgive me, right?

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