Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Icy Mess and Clean Sweeps

Obama takes VA 64% to 36%.
He busts out in DC 76% to 24%
And another sweep in MD 62% to 46%
Obama now has a slim lead, wow. Wow.

Wow. We are excited about change 'round these parts. Considering the horrible, messy, awful weather we're enduring, the huge turnout is great.

In other news, it's a fucking disaster. We were totally unprepared for this storm. The ground is covered in ice, and people are slipping, sliding, and falling everywhere. There are accidents everywhere, including a 19 car pileup. In the continuing saga of Jackie Can't Do Anything Without Hurting Herself, Ever, Not Even Walk, I busted my ass in front of the metro station. My knee, ass, and thigh are bruised majorly, and I wrenched my arm trying to catch myself. It's ouchy.

I am sad, because I wanted desperately to go shopping tomorrow and it's supposed to be gross and icy all morning. But I am happy, because Obama makes me feel hopeful. But I don't believe in talking politics; people don't change their minds, and sometimes they get downright ugly. So ta.

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