Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life in the Big City, Part 75397

Witnessed: Shortly before 12PM: Me, on my hands and knees, cleaning up the cocoa my child spilled in Ann Taylor Loft, only to realize that a) no one who actually worked for the store offered to help me at any point, and b) the spot I just spent ten minutes cleaning is now the cleanest spot in the entire store.

Shortly after 12PM: A couple in their fifties, getting pissy and leaving my favorite sushi place because they could smell Pine-Sol from the recently cleaned bathroom. I guess they like restaurants that have citations from the Health Department.

2PM: A young woman in bright nursing scrubs, jaywalking, and almost getting killed on the corner of Georgia and Colesville. Look, you obviously live here, don't you know these people will run your ass over? Damn good thing one of your friends was quick enough to pull you back, otherwise you would've been a candy-colored smear.

Yesterday: A woman clearly too insane to stand in line to vote November, but wearing something close to fifteen Obama pins big enough to eat dinner off of.

God, I love this place.

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