Sunday, January 25, 2009

Martian Death Flu, Round 39854

Leila has generously shared her germs with me once again, and I am feeling like death. Of course this would happen on the same day that I have plans to meet up with a friend, because it definitely couldn't have happened yesterday, when I was laying around the house doing nothing productive at all. Despite momentarily thinking I wouldn't make it out the door, I managed something approximating my normal level of cheerfulness. Such as it is.
Speaking of The Germy One, she is sitting next to me reciting my Starbucks order, over and over, like a chant. "I would like a venti iced caramel macchiatto, extra ice, and a kid's hot chocolate." It sounds quite musical, actually. And she doesn't even stumble over macchiatto. My caffeine addiction is improving her vocabulary! Amazing parenting on my part yet again.

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