Tuesday, May 30, 2006

She's baaaaaaaaaa-aaaack!

Sorry guys, I never meant to be gone for long, but somehow my vacation week stretched into two.
It was hella hot in Arkinsaw but it is EXTRA hot here--and true to its nature, our car has lost its air. There is nothing more awful than driving around on the first truly hot day of the year with no air conditioning. I was soaked in sweat and so sick to my stomach I thought I would die.
I know I sound like a wimp, but I come from a family that does not deal well with heat. My brother ended up in the ER severely dehydrated every year that he played sports, as did my mom. I usually got off with just a migraine or barfing. We also sunburn to blistering within an hour of un-sunscreened exposure. It's pretty yucky.
All in all, I think I got pretty screwed genetically. I'm predisposed to depression and anxiety, I have the same issues with my girly parts as my mother and grandmother did, I get migraines just like both of them, and though both of my parents are great at sports, I suck, and my brother got both all the good looks and the athletic talent.
So today it was a-frikkin-hundred degrees here. I was sweating everywhere two seconds after I walked out of the house. Then I tripped over my concrete stairs, went down like a ton of bricks, had to go back in and band-aid myself...by the time I actually got to the bus stop, damp and irritable, I wanted to cry.
Nothing sucks more than coming back to the reality of your daily life after a vacation.
At least I have my adoring public...~snerk~


starshine said...

So happy to have you back!

blackbird said...

welcome back...

re my job as a closet purger -
I was working in publishing at the time and was a personal assistant (another very cool job). I did the closet of the woman whose assistant I was and she insisted on paying me.
She told a co-worker and she told someone...