Monday, May 15, 2006

T-Minus 48 hours...

I am supposed to be Doing Things right now, namely cleaning and packing and also getting ready for work, where I would be handing in my resignation if this wasn't my last day for the next two weeks. Between resignations, family emergencies, vacations, and understaffing, Jennifer and I have taken a beating in the last few weeks. Understandably we were a bit testy with each other yesterday. Our "help" from another store ended up being not much more than warm bodies. I actually feel a bit guilty this morning that I am going on vacation and she is not...of course, I have been without a vacation for the past year and she has only been at my store for three months, but it's been three months without a chunk of time off. And that gets old, fast.
I should also be updating my food journal, and I should clean the bathroom as well. I have to leave for work in three short hours.
I have a headache the size of Montana.
Leila and I fly out at 6:10 AM on Wednesday to see my family and friends in Arkansas. I am crazy excited. I'll see my friend Liv, from high school, who lives on the other side of the country, and I will attend her sister's bridal shower, which seems so strange and surreal. They both adore kids in a not-irritating way, (you know what I mean, all, "wook at da wittle CUTIE PIE,") they're very matter-of-fact and talk to kids like, you know, little humans. Which they are. Anyway, they are dying to meet Leila and I, of course, am dying to show her off. She is the cutest and smartest baby ever, you know.
I guess I should stop calling her a baby. She'll be two in a month and she's crazy advanced. Her sentences are a little backwards and muddled, but she's bilingual, so that's normal.
I had the Worst Mother's Day Ever, which was really bad when you consider it coming on the heels of the Worst Birthday Ever, just over a month ago. Feroze and I had a huge fight in the morning and thus all of our plans were spoiled for the rest of the day. We just went through the motions, basically. Then on Sunday I had to work all day, and it was crazy busy. I mean CRAZY. Then in the car on the way home I burst into tears and yelled at Feroze until he decided that the only way he could prove his love to me was to drive down to Alexandria and get me kabobs from Kabob Palace. I was starving and drained, and the little place was stuffed to the gills with people, so we drove BACK home with our food, listening to "The Big Show" on NPR just like we did last year.
I had a hard time falling and staying asleep--it has been almost two weeks since I last had a good night's sleep--and this morning I have a huge headache and it is a rainy Monday and I just know that it will be dead at work tonight, but that's okay. I will bring tons of new merchandise onto the floor and help rework the sale section so that Jamie doesn't freaking die when she comes back from Puerto Rico and sees the store looking like a hot mess.
This may be my last update for a bit, but rest assured that I'll be back before June arrives with sweltering DC heat.


neuroticmommy said...

How long will you be in Arkansas?

confusedmama said...

Ahhh I get to see you tomorrow. Our babies get to meet. :) I love reading your blogs they are very entertaining. I miss ya Jacko!

blackbird said...

The dip? at my blog?

Equal amounts of sour cream and cottage cheese (large curd) and then
two bunches of radishes, sliced -
two bunches of scallions whites sliced only and two cucumbers quartered and sliced!