Saturday, May 13, 2006

Something's Afoot!

Over at The Shrinker one of my girlfriends is recording her struggle battle with weight loss. She and I have been discussing co-blogging through a weight loss plan and fitness regimen for months, and she finally got her blog up--now it's my turn.
I'm in a difficult position as far as exercising goes. I've recently started the steroid shots for my chronic pain and I'm not supposed to do anything strenuous (like pick up a two year old) but on the other hand, it's warm outside, and I'm doing a lot of walking. I figure it can't hurt to get off the bus a few stops early, or powerwalk around the mall in the morning before work. About two weeks after the third shot I'll have the go-ahead to do some low-impact type things.
I may have mentioned this, but my baby brother is getting married in July, and I am a bridesmaid. Everyone involved in the wedding has put on weight due to stress in our individual lives, from the bride herself right down to my mom, we're all struggling. My mom has her variety of drugs that are taking away her appetite, but right now I have no such help.
One of my biggest issues since graduating high school has been impulse control. Back then, I was a model of self-control. I was abstinent, I didn't swear, drink, smoke, or do drugs. I ate normal portions at meals (I could never finish my meals at Chili's) and I ate my mom's cooking most of the time. We didn't keep a lot of stuff in the house--we were poor--so if I munched it was typically on apples or generic cornflakes.
Fast forward. I'm the one in charge of the groceries, and I buy a mess of ice cream, cereal, candy, chips, popcorn, coke, etc. I'm not running myself ragged with school activities and I definitely don't munch on apples for snacks.
I've never been a really active person as far as sports and exercise go. The biggest change in my life has been sheer consumption of junk. I want to change this. For one thing, I am terribly affected by what I eat. If I eat grease, I feel terrible, sick and lethargic and depressed. But if I eat fresh food, like apples and crispy salads, then I feel energized! Healthy! Light! When I eat sweets I feel so heavy...when I eat a light, savory meal, I feel so good.
So why am I still eating McDonald's and Edy's Ice Cream? Simply put, I have no willpower. I am lazy. I indulge in my every craving...I don't know how to moderate.
Well, I'm kicking my own rear into gear. Tomorrow begins a food journal. You can find it at The Shrinkers because I'm so terribly original.
I will also be documenting something else over there, under the "Mood" category...this will remain my makeup-n-mommy blog, but that one will be dealing with my health, with my eating, with That Thing We Don't Talk About, and also with my sanity. Which is fragile right now.
So you can choose! Do you want to read about mascara and Finding Nemo? Do you want to pretend that I live a fabulous life with no problems? Then stay over here. But if you don't mind getting down to the nitty-gritty and reading an OCD-esque log of my food and drug intake, you can head on over yonder, and shrink with us.