Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My brain, she is dead.

I can't remember if I posted about this already but I have a wicked case of insomnia, and it is kicking my butt. I feel like a zombie, and it is not helped by a nasty allergy attack. Plus it is cold, and the heater is broken at my work. And this morning I was chasing Leila and I accidentally kicked the back of her foot and something went crunch in my toe...and it hurts.
(Insert whiny voice at your discretion)
And five piles of laundry later? The house still looks like a bomb hit it. Plus I had hoped to get all the laundry done before going to work, but I washed a load that was huge and the dryer doesn't seem to want to dry it.
Leila stained her brand-effing new shirt. I keep shopping for pants for her but can't get any deals. Gymboree is calling me with its siren song and I have to run past it on my way into work. Ditto for the makeup counters--it was Lancome gift time and I am on day eight of my not-buying-new-makeup resolution.
(Okay, whiny voice over.)
So last night I saw these awesome shoes and I nearly squeed in my pants. I walked around the store with them for awhile, hoping my husband would offer to buy them for me. He didn't. And they are expensive. But God, I am enamoured of them. I must have them. With a yellow shirtdress, they would be perfect. A pencil skirt and a button down. Linen pants and an eyelet lace shirt.
So. For that price, I must make a choice. I was saving up for this handbag but now I may buy the shoes. I don't know. Both are ridiculously priced, but they are haunting my dreeeeeeeams.
Holy crap. It is almost March and we haven't done our taxes yet. This is not good.
Yesterday I got Leila a cute outfit at Old Navy for half-off. A little tee shirt with hearts on it and ruffly sleeves, and a denim skirt with a ruffle. I was five seconds from matching shoes (white with a heart print) but Feroze (let's just use his name. It's easier.) said no way, she does NOT need shoes.
Yes she does. I will buy them online this weekend.


Slacker Mom said...

Cute pics!! Love the hat!!
She has the best eyes!!

starshine said...

After much thought and consideration, my vote goes to the amazing shoe....

oh, who am I kidding??

A great pair of shoes always wins with me!
Hope they feel as fabulous as they look!