Thursday, February 16, 2006

Obnoxiousness, self control, and grumblecakes.

Leila has the most annoying toy EVER. I bought it for her, as with most of her toys and clothes, and I thought it was just the neatest thing--a camera that looks JUST LIKE a real camera, flashes, etc, but only cost $4 as opposed to our expensive digital one that she always wants to play with.
There's just one small problem.
The music it plays. It's a quick dance beat with a child shouting something ("bam! po! Bam! po!" is what it sounds like) and unlike most toys, which shut themselves off after a moment, it plays over and over until you press the button to turn it off.
Currently, it has been playing for about ten minutes. It's in Leila's bedroom and I can still hear it, even over the dishwasher. Typically her musical toys don't bother me, I can tune them out with the greatest of ease, which is funny, because the irritating Muzak at my work drives me insane and I can never ignore it.
I am sorry for the lack of posting lately but I have made a commitment to myself to try to have some self control and be more careful with my money, and the first thing to get cut was makeup. Do you all know how much makeup I own? Waaay too much. So I am not allowed to buy anything until I run out of one of my essentials, mascara, powder, or foundation. I have enough blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and eyeshadow to last ten women for well over a year.
My reviews from now on will probably be more about food, books, clothes, and the products we buy for our home improvement project. (More on that later.)
Likewise, I have eight different shampoos and conditioners, four or five facial masks, and a hundred billion lotions--so I'm not allowed to buy that, either. I made a big note to myself in my little notebook that I carry with me not to buy those things no matter how shiny and tempting they are. Plus I realized recently that the best cure for my dry winter feet and hands is Vaseline and a pair of socks (or gloves)--which is about $2 at Target for a big ole tub.
I bought a book entitled How to Live Your Life at Half the Price (While Still Living the Life You Love) and while I definitely don't intend to follow it to the letter, there are some really great suggestions in there. All of which I have read a million times before, basically, but this time I saw them in a whole new light. We need to save money so we have a contingency fund. So we can send Leila to Montessori preschool next year. So we can remodel our apartment this summer and so that I can get a car. We need more money so I can have another baby in about a year, and afford to only work two days a week. It was while reading her book and talking to my friend Joy that I realized how much less we could be living on while not sacrificing too much--and how blessed we are to have that advantage. I told Joy that when the in-laws kick off we'll move upstairs and rent her our apartment for half the cost of the one she lives in now...I feel like we're blessed and we should share it. Sadly, by the time they actually do kick off, Joy will probably be safely in Texas, where the living costs are cut in half, and I will be jealous, because she will be close to her parents and I will still be here. Grr.


Slacker Mom said...

Sounds like a great plan. It really seems like you are trying to get it all together...good for you!!!

A second baby?? Don't be shocked, I have come in late on your story, can you have another?

And, don't be mad if you slip up, we all have a hard time changing our habits, but maybe you won't. I knwo when I try and change something, it takes a little time for me to get adjusted. And when I do think I've got it and get all cocky, I slip up.

I hate human nature. :)

Anyway, great to see a positive post!!!

littlemissme said...

There is a possibility that I could have another...although it may be tough we could probably do it. It won't be for awhile. The injections I get last for three months and then take almost another three to wear off possibly, so we're talking six months before I can even think about it. But we'll see! Two was always my ideal number.

Thanks for the advice and support. I love seeing comments!

Patricia said...

Hi Jackie! Just checking out your blog. You are hilarious. You have my prayers with the second baby. Having 2 girls has been such a blessing. It's awesome to watch them interact. You definitely make me want to go shopping!

littlemissme said...

Thank you, Patricia! Would that you had a blog too, for me to comment on!

Patricia said...

I've been blogging on myspace for oh, about 2 days. My first blog attempt. I think I might try a blogspot now. You have inspired me!

Patricia said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, my husband is from Sri Lanka, so I have brown babies too! Aren't they just beautiful????

littlemissme said...

Hey, you're from Oklahoma! I lived in Lawton/Fort Sill and years later, in Arkansas, right over the border.
Brown babies are the best, especially with green eyes like my little mess has.

littlemissme said...

Holy shit...I just realized who you are.

Patricia said...

Is this a bad thing??? I only have good memories of you. I always thought you were very sweet and nice. :)

littlemissme said...

No, it's not a bad thing! I was just thinking you were some random person...then I saw that you went to Greenwood, then I looked at your picture and I was like, hey, that's Patricia! The Importance of Being Earnest Patricia!!

How funny that our lives are all similiar now.