Sunday, February 26, 2006


Instead of giving me Ambien, my Gyn recommended that I start taking my Zoloft in the morning instead of at night. This has led to a small issue, namely being delirious all day. In addition, Claritin + Zoloft + Percocet = Feeling like you're walking on a Moonbounce all day.
I do have an appointment with a pain management clinic, and I am also looking for a good psychiatrist. Hopefully the first will give me something better than Percocet (on the phone, they said something about an epidural shot. I find that pretty terrifying.) and the second will give me Ambien and some sort of fast acting panic attack warder-offer, and also? I think I need a higher dose of Zoloft.
Whee! Meds R Us! I am a Prozac Nation unto myself over here. :-)
I need a nap, seriously. I have no idea how I will get through work tonight. Luckily it's only about five hours. I like Sundays because the shifts are shorter, but the clients don't seem to want to leave the store at six. And then they're like, "Oh, the whole mall closes at six?"
Yes, just like EVERY OTHER SUNDAY FOR AS LONG AS THE MALL HAS BEEN HERE. And we have pretty strict rules; our DM doesn't want us to close the doors, turn off the music, or tell the clients that the store is closed...which means that all the people who walk past and see the doors open decide to just "pop in" Sunday one of the other stores was open for an hour and forty five minutes after the mall closed, because people just kept coming in.
I don't mind that much if they actually buy something, but coming in, screwing around, trying some stuff on, and then buying one sale shirt or not buying anything at all? People, have a care for your poor salesperson!

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