Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More cuteness

ahmbalah = ambulance
kuwalah = squirrel
fun = phone
ahsside = outside
doh = door
dohttee = dirty
keen = clean
kohn = corn
tull = chul (Bangla for hair)
turi = churi )Bangla for bracelet
teet = teeth

And, five hundred times a day, "Bella coming?" "Baba coming?" "Come on, Mommy! Mommy, come on!"

Her cleaning fetish is full force. She was actually angry with me this morning because I ate breakfast before I started cleaning the kitchen. She sat next to me in her chair, scrubbing the table with a dish cloth. I think I can get some use out of this...

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neuroticmommy said...

This is the best age to start the cleaning training of children! Until they are about 6 or so they think cleaning is fun! Mariska helps pick up toys and clean their plastic table. We just take it outside and hose it down and let them loose with a couple of washcloths. Katriana already has quite a long list of jobs and she loves doing them.
1.Scrub the toilet (we use shampoo)
2.Fold towels
3.Put clothes on hangers
4.Match socks
5.Sort dirty laundry
6.Pick up toys
7.Sweep the bathroom with the Swiffer

They also both help with the unloading of the dishwasher. Katriana is almost tall enough to reach the sink, so she can start with the loading soon!