Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quick Cuteness

Before I pass out all pathetically early I wanted to quickly write out some thoughts I had today.
I was on the bus planning my blog entry o' raging negativity when I realized--I don't want to be one of those blogs where the writers constantly gripe, complain, and generally feel sorry for themselves. Even though I complain on here, I really don't feel sorry for myself. I'm not really that kind of gal, and I don't want to come across that way.
So instead of my whiny post I decided to post about Her Royal Highness.
Without further ado, cute things that Leila says/does:
1) Lotion is "Shoney" and she loves it. When she sees me get it out (or anything remotely resembling it) she totally freaks out, begging for it. If it's in a pot, she dips one dainty finger in and then gently applies it to her cheek.
2) More is "Mow" repeated upwards of twelve times, with perfectly rounded lips.
3) When Mommy goes potty, it is the funniest thing EVER. Every time. Without fail.
4) She loves to name her clothes as she gets dressed. Shirts are "jama" which is shirt in Bengali. Pants are "Pent" with the "P" and "T" enunciated perfectly. Socks are "Moka" ("moja" means socks in bengali) and shoes are "soo."
5) Mishti is "Mikti", whispered reverently.
6) Last and cutest of all, every morning we have roll call. She names everyone in her little world, and I tell her where they are or what they're doing.
"Daddy's at work."
"Doddi? Dodda?" (her grandparents)
"Doddi and Dodda are still sleeping."
"Isabella is still sleeping."
"Miss Joy is still sleeping, too, with Bella."
"FooFoo?" (Her aunt)
"Foo Foo is at work."
"Khala?" (our renter)
"Khala is at work with FooFoo."

And so on, and so on, ending with, "La-La?"
And then I tickle her tummy and hug her and say, "La La is here with Mommy!"
And Mommy is soooo blessed.

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