Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bust a cap in yo'....

Dude. Ya'all. The blogging world is cutthroat. I just realized that I have two distinct species of bloggers in my bookmarks, and I got a little upset. My blog reading experience has been soured. I don't understand why people gotta be hater-atin'...
I am not going to link to or mention the names of either the blogs who hated or the blogs who were hated upon. All I'm saying is, here's the deal: it's a little ridiculous to insult someone's CHILD because you don't "get what the big deal is." I thought this person's blog was hilarious until I came across an entry devoted to talking trash about a famous fellow blogger, including saying that her child was "no Gerber baby."
Just, wow.
Up till then, I was with this blogger. She liked the same Coach bag as me! She was funny and free with the cussing! I love me some Coach and some funny and some cussing! (Just don't tell my mom.)
THEN a couple of bloggers I really like, and respect, and kind of look up to as older and more eloquent and, well, funny, than me--chimed in, until it became kind of a party of saying, "Hey, this Blogger is all full of herself and really, she sucks."
What the hell is THAT all about? I have a hard time now reading their words, especially one in particular who I thought was a kind-hearted sort of person...I mean, why would you encourage someone to insult someone else's child? Whatever, if you think someone's a crappy writer. I think this particular blogger has gotten a lot of attention stemming from one particular event, but she is funny, her kid is cute, and she has been painfully honest about a lot of things that a lot of young mothers deal with...I'm really not trying to be a fangirl here. My problem is that it wasn't just like, "She's not that great." It was more like, "She sucks AND her writing sucks AND she's an attention whore AND also her kid is ugly," and wow, where does that kind of vitriol come from in reference to someone you have never even met?
Why are women so hard on each other? The massive amounts of "assvice" received by more popular bloggers, and hell, any site that speaks to celebrity gossip (like a dumping ground for every petty insecurity you ever had) testify to the fact that women LOVE to hurt each other. I'm not innocent--but I'm very young. I'd like to think that some of my nastiness will mellow with age, that my first thought won't always be spiteful. I make a genuine effort to understand people in my life and be a concerned and supportive person because it's important that my daughter sees me that way. God forbid I should speak to her in the critical way my parents spoke to me--and I KNOW that those critical words are in my heart. I was raised that way! But when I read a lot of the nastiness that's out there--and even when I take stock of my own thoughts--I feel a little sick. That's not the person I'm striving to be--that's not the person I want to show on this blog.
I realized tonight that the two camps my Daily Reads fall into are sort of like, one section of insecure young mothers, blogging about their own foibles and that of their children, and then this whole other camp that's a bit older and more into cussing heartily about the rest of the world.
And maybe one of those I should stop enjoying so much.

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