Monday, January 09, 2006

Quick Update.

I am going to talk about That Thing We Don't Talk About Here because my life sucks lately, but not right now. Just wanted to let everyone know that not only was I admitted to the hospital this weekend for a pretty nasty hospital experience complete with having to fight the nurse for pain medication and said pain medication giving me a migraine so bad I couldn't even talk--not ONLY that, but I left my cell phone there, somewhere, so I can't call my friends and apologize for not being around for them this weekend or (selfish, I know) ask them for help. I have to have surgery and the surgery will have to be at the abovementioned hospital, which is reknowned for being understaffed and/or staffed with rude/mean/overworked nurses. Not looking forward to it. Leila had a total freakout crying session last night which I am pretty sure was because she hadn't seen me all weekend and I have had to basically take a leave of absence from work much earlier than I thought I would. I am thinking about trying to finish out the week just because I feel so awful for leaving them on such short notice.
So. To sum up. If we are friends, please email me your phone number at Or you could call Holy Cross and ask them if they have my phone. It's silver. It has your phone number in it.
MWAH! I miss you all, and will write more later.

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Slacker Mom said...

Oh my gosh.

What's happening? (Color me stupid, but I have no idea what the thing is that we do not mention?)

I hope all goes well, and that you feel better soon.

Keep me updated. :)