Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Confuzzled and Twitterpated.

So. A hysterectomy at 23. This is sure to be an experience...
I keep having little moments of panic, but when it comes down to the wire I am pretty positive that this is the right move for me. My nurse told me today that they have a fair amount of women who have this surgery and still have pain, and I think she was trying in her way to bring me back to reality--this may not be the solution I think it is.
On the other hand, I have a lot of faith. From what little I understand, my pain is mostly due to scar tissue on my left ovary. If my left ovary isn't there anymore, that scar tissue is gone--so where would the pain come from, exactly?
(Hey, feel free to comment if you know.)
It's sad that I can't have any more babies. I occasionally get quite a pang when I see small babies, or when Leila interacts with other children--but then again, I probably wouldn't have been able to have another baby anyway, with all the damage to my ovary.
But all of this has actually got me thinking about something pretty hilarious--this Kuh-razee girl I lived with when I was twenty. Not knowing much about the female reproductive system at the time, I was still a bit suspicious when she informed us all that she never used birth control because one of her ovaries was "made of plastic" and she would probably never be able to have children, sob, sob.
Then, a few months later, she revealed to me that somehow she had been impregnated by her boyfriend. We were roommates by this time and she began putting on weight BUT, BUT, dating this guy who worked with her parents. After about three months (she would've been about 5 1/2 months pregnant, were she telling the truth) she called me at work at said she'd had a miscarriage and lost the baby.
The next day she went to gymnastics class and then out to a club with some friends.
I moved out a week later. What kind of psycho pretends to be pregnant in some kind of elaborate charade for nigh on five months?
A crazy one, I guess.
Later she got married to the guy and had a real baby and got all Britney Spears-chubby and white trash-ified. I wonder if she's still sleeping with that other guy on the side.

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Slacker Mom said...

Wow. So much to read this time. And so little time for me to comment. (I am supposed to be cleaning the kitchen right now!!!!)

So, wierd roommate, good thing you left.

So sorry about the ovary stuff, that sucks.

What is the point to insult someone on purpose? I agree with you, I don't like people like that.

Gotta run!!!!!!!! (before I get caught)