Monday, January 16, 2006

Upcoming Posty Goodness.

You guys, I have been trying to post all day, I swear it. Blogger was against me!

I have many subjects to post about, I assure you. They just haven't come together into cohesive five or six paragraphs, so they are bouncing around in my brain.

Also, the pain meds, they are not working today, and I am cranky. Very cranky.

Anyway, the following posts are coming to a theater near you:

1) The adventures of Jackie and Joy, Mommies Extraordinare. (Or: Please don't call CPS even though I gave my child a drink of my caramel macchiatto because she WOULD NOT STOP WHINING)
2) Reviews of ten or so products I have recently bought because I am so fat and also bloated from my meds that I refuse to shop for clothes AND I am joining a gym as soon as I have recovered from my surgery, mark my words.
3) My spring "must-have" list of clothes and shoes that I desire with the heat of a thousand suns.
4) A post about the fact that my brother is getting married and when I asked him if my daughter or I would be in the wedding party, he said, "Oh, we hadn't even thought about it." and then I was upset. And still am.
(actually, that's the whole story, so no post)
5) The double standard of, "Oh, you're JUST a mom" and therefore lacking in any intelligence because you don't have a "real job" BUT if you have a "real job" you are scarring your child for life by working. God. Morons.
6) Breastfeeding. And actually, 5 & 6 will probably be one whole post about how hard moms are on each other and how the whole world feels like it's okay to give you advice once you get knocked up, and really, people, SHUT UP.

I have recently given my blog address to my mommy friend, Joy. (Hi, Joy! Now you can enjoy my whining any time!) It's kind of strange that people I know in real life read this, but I figure as long as my family doesn't find it, I'm golden.

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got to just love that...just a Mom thing..