Sunday, January 01, 2006

Crumbling Resolve.

It just occurred to me that I have not eaten anything all day but a few Mint Cookies-n-Cream Hershey's Nugget...thingers. This is not good.
Before I pass out from hunger I will say that I did go to Ulta with France and it was fabulous. Leila was well behaved, we brunched, and we spent the obligatory hour and a half perusing the clearance...and, well, every other inch of the store.
I managed to spend $50, kind of accidentally. I bought my favorite hair straightener ever, Goldwell Trendline Straightener Extreme--ya'all, this stuff WORKS. It also costs almost $20 for 8.4 oz. I knew that when I put it in my basket, but I kept forgetting. I mean, it's just a little bottle. How much can it cost, right? I also bought Essie nail polish in Curtain Call ($7) so right there is $25. I also got some orange sticks, some cleansing wipes to keep on my nightstand for when I forget to take my makeup off (like every night) (this was France's idea and I stole it) and I got a necklace and earrings set (I just wanted the earrings) for 99 CENTS!! It was marked down from $40! And I bought a jewelry box for $6.99. And I got a nail file but it somehow got left in my basket and, oh well. Last but not least Igot some soap that France told me was great--Reviva Labs Natural Seaweed Soap. I loooooooove it. It has scrubbies in it and smells extra soap-like (my whole bathroom reeks of the stuff) and it really got my face clean. It also made it extra dry so I really had to layer on the moisturizer.
The other day I bought some Lava Story foot scrub from the True Blue Spa line at
Bath and Body. It was dirt cheap and I needed a foot scrub, so I grabbed it. I like it--I rubbed it on and then used my file (I have one of those cheese grater looking ones) and it was relaxing and helped soothe my poor, tired feet.
I also bought two of those Mentha Lip Shines that I love so much, some Tutti Dolce Lip gloss in Angel Food cake (I gave that to my manager after she confessed that she was having a down day) and two of the Aromatherapy Remedies things, which I had never tried before. I bought Cold and Sinus Therapy Lip and Face Balm with Vanilla and Chamomile (Leila and I have both been sick with nasty colds) but it wasn't what I thought it was. If that makes sense. I thought it was something menthol-y to clear up my nasal passages while soothing my lips, but it's more for the skin irritation and dry lips that come along with colds. I still like it, especially to put on before I go to bed. The other was Headache Relief Pulse Point Therapy with Peppermint Essential Oil. That does clear up my sinuses but this morning when I had my first headache since I bought the stuff--I forgot I had it. So we shall see.
Now, I need to give myself a manicure, take a shower, find something to eat, etc. I cleaned like a crazy lady today (after spending last night in the ER trying to get some help with pain from That Thing We Don't Talk About Here.) and listed some stuff on Ebay and was generally cranky and crappy (as was Leila!) and I am just now realizing that I was probably so cranky because I didn't eat. Duh.
Okay. Leaving now. Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!


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